The Basic Rules for
The Game of Life

Hi all.

This is going to be perhaps the "weirdest" of all my websites for here we are going to step not only out of the box but we are going to step maybe right off the planet. What I am going to propose is, I guess, not entirely new but the context I am going to put it in is I believe (new). Forest Gump suggested that life was like a box of chocolates in the fact that you never knew what you were going to get next ... but was he correct ? Does our life follow a simple predictable pattern ? Can it be controlled ? Are we just living in a majestic 3D video game and are we simply following along as we are programmed and manipulated ? Who is controlling this game we play and who designed it ? Is this the first time we have tried this particular level or have we died a million times and are trying it again. Before we answer those questions let's go back and lay out the usual basic rules for most video games. I assume we have all played them. Here are some basic things common to all.

1) There is usually a quest of some kind. Perhaps a search for hidden treasures. Usually when all the treasures are collected a hidden level is revealed and the final battle and scene is played out. Donkey Kong is the freshest in my mind but many other video games follow this pattern as well.

2) We all start with a limited number of "lives" but can win more as we play through the game.

3) There are many levels and upon successful completion of a previous level we are granted entry into the next level.

4) There is usally an overall point to these games such as overthrowing a villain and reclaiming a lost prize.

5) There are usually save points along the way so that in the case of death we do not have to go right back to the beginning but can start again at the latest save point we have attained.

6) There was definitely a designer and creator of the program

7) Usually there are secret levels installed throughout the game. These usually advance us further forward in the game

8) The point of all games is to win and to conquer all the challenges presented. Then to claim the prize.

9) You must play fair. All cheaters will be dealt with according to the local rules but it usually entails starting right at THE VERY BEGINNING !

10) If you are caught cheating or breaking any of the rules not only do you start at the beginning but all save points are erased and all knowledge of what has gone on is erased as well. It is like starting fresh.

Well I contend that our life, yours and mine are exactly like this and we are indeed living out a realistic 3D "video game". Our purpose in this game is to claim the ultimate prize, oh let's call it The Holy Grail, and move on to the next game.

The Point of our game:

In this game that we are being forced to play the quest is not for material goods ( as the ruling elite would have us believe with their incessant advertising and keeping up with the Jones' mentality) and as is suggested by the board game I have pictured but it is the quest for spiritual enlightenment and discovering our higher self. The Illuminati call this ultimate prize The Holy Grail and it is this quest that Percival and all The Grail Knights went on in the story. I have oft times suggested that it is difficult to find something if one is not looking in the right place. So for example since The Holy Grail as suggested by The Illuminati lies within us it would seem a difficult task to find it in Rennes le Chateau or at Giza within the pyramids. Two places I spent many years looking for "it". However these things are not a waste for I would suggest that MAYBE on an earlier trip through this eternity that we are trapped into (until we discover our Higher Self and are freed) the pyramids were built by either myself or "us" as a Memento of the journey through this apparent reality. I would further suggest that on each trip through not only did we learn more but we also left more and more mementos along the way. Breadcrumbs if you will sprinkled along the path of enlightenment. Far fetched ? Perhaps, but no more far fetched than believing that God is going to have room for the maybe hundreds of billions of "souls" alleged to have died through this eternity.

Am I the only one ? Have I created all of it and all of you ? Gee I hope not and I hope I will find others like myself when I find my Holy Grail for we are all part of the whole and it is all for one and one for all.

We ... are becoming ..."God" ... NOT GODS

How to Play The Game:

The nature of this Game of Life is to learn all we can of this material world and then to realize it is all illusion and that we are really spiritual. This of course is amazingly difficult and is impossible to achieve in one or even maybe a billion "lifetimes" However the rules of the game allow for this difficulty. It allows us to plant mementos on our 4.5 billion year cycle journey through this reality. So each journey, from my research on the size of the universe and the age of this same universe, is 4.5 Billion years and we may have made this journey a 100 Billion times. So the plot or nature of the game is that we start the game as inanimate elements, maybe hydrogen , whatever, and follow through until the present. Along the way or our journey we may make very small discoveries that allow us to begin to realize that something is not quite right and that something strange is happening. But now for the catch. Each subsequent journey we lose all the memories of the previous journeys. Each journey we start off with no previous recollection of ever having made the journey before. All we have are cryptic clues, mementos if you like, which "we" have placed through our apparent time line to try to decipher and figure out what is going on. There are no short cuts. Killing yourself to prove all of this is an immediate foul and takes you right back to the beginning. So we are trapped, in a time loop if you will, and the only escape is figuring it all out within the time frame we are given, which in my estimation is of the order of 4.5 Billion years, hence the clues given in the size of our universe (4.5 billion times Pi = 14.137 light years), the age of our planet (4.5 billion years) and the distance of the furthest planet from The Sun (4.5 billion kilometers).

And of course the prize when we finally complete the level is ... well what prize would you expect after such an arduous journey ? Maybe we will finally be at rest and return to true spirit from which we came and return to our higher self and become ... well why not, become God !.

Don Barone