The Pyramids of Egypt

"In that day there shall be an altar to the Lord in the midst of the land of Egypt and a pillar at the border thereof. It shall be a sign and a witness unto the Lord of Hosts in the land of Egypt. (Isaiah 19:19) "

Foundation Metrology

"I am always interested in your ideas however likely or unlikely they might be. If we can agree that proportional thinking was at the base of the earliest Egyptian mathematics it will enable us to proceed in that direction. I hope that the anthropometric model I display is more or less correct. A number of geometers tell me that the coincidences are all there in the model, more importantly it checks out when it is reconstructed on the drawing board. Perhaps our greatest stumbling block is those Egyptologists who are familiar with middle Kingdom fractions. They just cannot bring themselves to believe that the mathematics of the Old Kingdom could be superior to anything which followed, but of course middle Kingdom fractions didn't build pyramids. This is a problem for the egyptologists to sort out but then they already admit that the feats of the Old Kingdom (and to a certain extent the Early dynastic) are far superior to later times. I keep drumming home the fact that I see no evidence for an inch in Egypt, that the Egyptian units later gave way to the inch. This is a bit of a mystery and one worth pursuing. What do we call divisions of the Earth that are reflected in humans ? ... This is a personal message to myself from the author of this page. Please take the time to read and study his work for it is nothing short of brilliant ! He is also responsilbe for the Petrie site which is linked to on Guardian's Egypt site. I wonder why The Guardian didn't link to this page ?

The First Pyramids

"By the dawn of the IIIrd Dynasty (circa 2700 BC), Egypt was sufficiently advanced and prosperous to support ever larger building projects. King Zoser, first monarch of the IIIrd Dynasty, decided to show off his wealth and success by constructing for himself the most imposing mastaba yet. "

The Great Pyramid

"The north-south axis (31 degrees east of Greenwich) is the longest land meridian, and the east-west axis (30 degrees north) is the longest land parallel on the globe. There is obviously only one place that these longest land-lines of the terrestrial earth can cross, and it is at the Great Pyramid! This is incredible." This is very interesting however Greenwich is a rather recent addition to the meridian game. It is better to use "The Paris Meridian" for studies like this since this "Paris" meridian is far more ancient. I have also speculated that perhaps the "Giza Meridian" (that which runs through the Great Pyramid) may have in fact been 0 degrees.

Hidden Mysteries of The Pyramids

"During the 1970's the son of a Baptist minister found the entrance on the South side of the Pyramid, which was discovered more than 2000 years ago by Strabo, the famous Roman geographer. Modern theorists simply remark that Strabo's South entrance was an error, that he must have been on the North slope. Forget the fact that he was a geographer and map maker... forget the fact that he knew the sun rose in the East."

The Pyramid and Bible codes

"Recently while appearing on the Earth Changes TV program discussing the Bible codes, the host, Mitch Battros, asked me whether I had done a Bible code matrix on the pyramids in Egypt. That seemed to be a wonderful project to tackle."

The Pyramids of Egypt

"In 1925 there was published a report on the dimensions of the base of the Great Pyramid of Gizah by T. H. Cole, the topographer who established the modern system of triangulation for the Egyptian state. Cole proceeded to his survey under the impulsion of the Egyptologist Ludwing Borchardt, who thought that an accurate report would help in separating facts from fiction in the matter of the geometry of the Pyramid. But up to now no effort has been made to exploit the precision achieved by Cole." ... by Livio C. Stecchini. This is a must read !

Giza Pyramids: The Vanishing Point

"The Giza Complex incorporates a vanishing point in its design." by Stephen Goodfellow

Geometrical Analysis of the Great Pyramid Complex

"By  geometrical  and  mathematical  analysis of the Great Pyramid  Complex  in  Giza which are constituted by the First,  the Second,  the Third Pyramid and the Great Sphynx,  following facts are  discovered." ... This paper was presented at American Research Center in Egypt in 1996

Pyramids of Mars and Egypt

"The Descending Passage of the Great Pyramid is perfectly aligned with the center of the zenith of the heavens. Because of the precession of the equinoxes, a Pole Star shines precisely down the Descending Passage only once every several thousand years. In 2170 B.C. Alpha Draconis, (Thuban, the Subtle One) shown directly down the Descending Passage. " ... Not that I agree with this statement but much more serious research should be done in this area.

Petrie's Book on The Pyramids

... Still a valuable source book for information on the pyramids. Enjoy it while it lasts on the net !

The Little Robot Called Upuaut

.... Rudolf Gantembrink's meticulous site on his measurement in Giza and all about his little robot ... " Upuaut"

The Building of the Pyramids

... The typical conservative view of how these monuments were built. Not much new but a good review.

Deep Secrets (of the Great Pyramid)

"This site provides a thoroughly new, and perhaps just as thoroughly controversial, explanation for the rationale behind the exterior design parameters of the Great Pyramid of Giza. Learn here: how to diagrammatically derive a trigonometric table; the true historical significance of both the "golden ratio" and the equal-sided pentagon (and pentagram); an easy to follow presentation of Euclid's derivation of the 36 angle; a new theory for the derivation of the ancient Egyptian Royal Cubit; and a diagrammatic method by which the square root of any number can be derived." ... A very interesting site covering most of the measurements and the possible basis for the dimensions of the pyramids.

Hall of Records

... Not really a link to the building or measurements of the pyramids but nevertheless an extremely interesting site about the goings on in Egypt . Well worth a look ! Interesting to notice that the NASA photo of his co-ordinates is no longer available. I wonder what that might mean ?

Bakeman's Egyptology

"The study of ancient Egypt has been a source of interest and pleasure for me for at least the last quarter of a century.  My purpose in presenting the material here is to share some of my thoughts about Pharaonic civilization with other people who are also interested in this subject.  Naturally, I don't expect everyone to agree with all of my ideas.  For me that's not the essential point.  Sharing ideas and participating in an exchange of information generates its own reward and is at the heart of what my intention is.  At any rate, I hope that you will find this site interesting, thought provoking, and maybe even a little bit elucidating. ... Not a lot I can add to this introduction. Extremely interesting thoughts and some I just happen to share.

Pharoah's Pump Foundation

... Definitely not for the conservative. Nevertheless an interesting site to explore.

The Hellenic Pyramids

" ... The method of Optical Thermoluminescence was employed to date samples taken from the pyramid. It was determined that the pyramid was erected at about 2720 B.C. It must be noted that, according to these results, the Hellenikon pyramid predates, by at least 100 years, the oldest Egyptian pyramid (Djoser - 2620 B.C.) and by 170 years the Great Pyramid of Cheops (Khufu - 2550 B.C.) . " ... an interesting site ! Not too much on the building but the dating is quite remarkable ! ... Please read the entire site as there are many very interesting things to be said about the spacing and distances used between the Ancient Greek sacred sites !

The Giza Power Plant ...Technologies of Ancient Egypt

" ... After standing in awe before these engineering marvels, and then being shown a paltry collection of copper implements in the tool case at the Cairo Museum, one comes away bemused and frustrated. " ... A great site and well worth reading. Please make sure you read the "Machining in Ancient Egypt" article... definitely makes one wonder !

Concrete Pyramids

" Since the early eighties, Prof. Joseph Davidovits is proposing that the pyramids and temples of Old Kingdom Egypt were constructed using agglomerated limestone, rather than quarried and hoisted blocks of natural limestone. This type of fossil-shell limestone concrete would have been cast or packed into molds. "

The Keys to the Temple

" Explore the sacred patterning set out in the landscape of the Marlborough Downs in Wiltshire, England and its links with the Great Pyramid of Ancient Egypt.

  The Keys to the Temple presents startling new evidence about the history of mankind. After more than thirty years of research, David Furlong has discovered extraordinary patterns and alignments in the British landscape which link ancient sites and - incredibly - give a blue print of the same geometric patterning found in the Great Pyramid in Egypt. Detailed calculations, using grid references, prove beyond reasonable doubt that a society with highly sophisticated astronomical, mathematical and surveying knowledge was living and working in Britain 3000 years before Christ. These events correspond to the start of dynastic Egypt and to the beginning of the Mayan calendar. What is the connection?

Who were the masterbuiders of these complex landscape temples? Where did they come from and why did they impose a network of alignments in the landscape. What message did they hope to conceal in these intricate patterns? ... This is a great book and one that should be studied and read by anyone interested in the measurements involved in the building of The Great Pyramid. Many interesting insites and as David says in his title .... perhaps " the keys to the temple".

The Pyramid as a Spiritual Message for Mankind

" The Great Pyramid of Giza, the marvel of mankind, is the last remaining of the seven original wonders of the world. It has survived the world's greatest earthquakes and the Great Deluge at the time of Noah. This is because is contains a scientific and spiritual message for mankind. " ... Not one of my favourites but I wanted to be fair to all. This link however did supply me with the quote at the top of this page. Could it really be the Pyramid that it is referring to ? ...

The Pyramid and The Prophecies

" By taking the distance from the start of the Ascending Passageway to the third Girdle Stone (of Zoroaster), 863.80201733 P", and subtracting it from the distance of the third Overlay (of Zoroaster), 1863.80201733 P", you get 1000.000 P", or January 1st, 1000 B.C., the date for the birth of Zoroaster. " ... Again stretching things just a bit in my opinion mainly because I don't accept prophecies in any form whatsoever ... especially in the Pyramids. But we are trying to give all their say !

The Great Pyramid ... A Design Theory

" A theory on the method used by Khufu's architect to design the plans of the Great Pyramid. " ... And an interesting one at that. ... More food for thought .

Who Built The Pyramids ?

" Contemporary Egyptological explanation cannot account for this leap, nor can they account for the clear decline in mathematics, engineering and size of the constructions of the fifth dynasty. Textbooks speak of "religious upheaval" and "civil wars," but there is no evidence whatsoever of these having occurred. "

The Great Pyramid

" Whoever built the Pyramid used a technologly that we still do not possess today to cut, move, and cement stones. Whoever built it also had some knowledge of the Earth, because it was built in the right spot-one of the few places that would support such a great weight. The builder also knew where the greatest land mass of the Earth was in both the North-South and East-West directions. Amazing. "

Pyramid Construction

" The pyramids of Egypt have, over the centuries, been the subject of research by many scholars. From the very esoteric theories on why the pyramids were built to a more practical approach on how they were built. On this page I present my own research and conclusions about the logistical aspects of the construction of the Egyptian pyramids in the 25th century BC.

The Q Files

" For many centuries theorists and authors have propounded the theories and mysteries of the massive stone monolith named the Great Pyramid by the manipulation of the known facts to recreate their own interpretations for the concept and reasons for the construction of this monumental stone creation. But in truth all these interpretations when put to the test are unable to show no new hard evidence that will stand the test of formal mathematical analysis and scientific reality........... Until Now.

New Perspectives on The Pyramids

" There are no scholarly footnotes to the following exposition on the message of the Great Pyramid. There is no appeal to historical analysis, archaeological tradition, nor extra terrestrial intervention. The only documentation offered is the stones of the Pyramid themselves; their placement, dimensions and geometry are the sole demonstration. Our objective will be to liberate the meaning from the stones and pursue the course of reasoning revealed.

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