"The Pyramids of Egypt"

by Don Barone


The Pyramids of Egypt ... as mysterious today as they were in Herodotus' day. ... who built these ancient monuments and more importantly ... why ? To the conservative or "enlightened" and "learned" Egyptologist they are tombs to recieve the body of the Pharoah as a first step in his ( or her) journey to the afterlife. The Egyptologists tell us that the pyramid's evolution can be traced all the way back to the beginning. There is plenty of evidence, they say, that allow "us" to date with accuracy these monuments and assign a builder Pharoah to each. They site the heiroglyphs found in the relieving chamber as proof of the original workmen and Pharoah. They also say that there is "graffitti" on some on the stones which make it plain that the builders have been accurately assigned to the proper Pharoah. ................. But are they correct ?

There are many people who would beg to differ. Their explanations range from alien intervention and actual building, to hidden mathematical formulae and symbolism. The arguments these people present are equally persuasive. ..... But then who are we to believe ? ... Ah there is the rub ! There are no easy answers. Just as I feel the Egyptologists are too quick and sure of themselves with their answers equally I also feel that some theories are unproven and in fact use outdated or faulty data.

What I hope to do on this site is to present a balanced view of the opinions of both sides. If I can get permission I will post some questions and answers from an Egypt board that I frequent with some great debate. Below you will find some links that deal mainly with the Pyramids of Egypt covering I hope all theories that I have heard about. I must say here that when discussing The Pyramids it is almost impossible not to take side trips into astronomy, religion and history so some of these links will most certainly lead you to these arenas.

So sit back ... grab a beer or a rum and cola or a tea or for that matter a glass of pure spring water .... get your reading glasses on and enjoy. I hope that you will find your pet theory below. If not feel free to e-mail at the link provided. Because it is my site I may take the liberty of taking a passage from the page and offering a short commentary on it. If you object to what I have written feel free to offer your opinion via e-mail.

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