A List of Playlists  
  Hi all here is my latest idea for loading all my videos and music onto a website for people to enjoy. I have decided to try m3u files which are simply
playlists files created the easiest by Winamp which can be be
downloaded right here if there is anyone who doesn't have this on their computer already.
I use Winamp because I like it and it contains the
.flv plug in which will be required to play the m3u files although there are a variety of others that will do the
job as well. Below I have posted what it will look like once it is opened in Winamp and the video button is engaged and the playlist button pressed. Make sure the
program you use however allows you to view the playlist itself otherwise it just becomes one big file and individual episodes or videos can not be accessed.
Regardless whatever program you use make sure you set it as the default player for m3u files. It can be Real Player, Media Monkey or any other program that
plays m3u playlist files. If it is green or yellow it is clickable,


Video Playlists

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Let's Go To The Movies - Part I
Let's Go To The Movies - Part II

Deadwood Season 1: Episodes 01 to 12
Deadwood Season 2: Episodes 01 to 12
Deadwood Season 3: Episodes 01 to 12

The Flintsones - Complete Series + Extras and Specials - 6 Seasons

The 4400 Season 1 E01 to E05

Early Ricky Nelson from The Ozzie and Harriet Show

Twilight Zone Season 1 - Episodes 1 to 37

Dr Who in mkv files
Use to view and
then turn on playlist feature

Flash Forward Playlist: Episodes 01 to 22

Music Playlist at MixPod.com

Audio Playlists

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1956 - Billboard Top 100
1957 - Billboard Top 100
1958 - Billboard Top 100
1959 - Billboard Top 100
1960 - Billboard Top 100
1961 - Billboard Top 100
1962 - Billboard Top 100
1963 - Billboard Top 100
1964 - Billboard Top 100
1965 - Billboard Top 100
1966 - Billboard Top 100
1967 - Billboard Top 100
1968 - Billboard Top 100
1969 - Billboard Top 100

Jim McGuinn of The Byrds from his website
Eric Anderson

Bob Dylan Discography- All 987 Songs from 1962 - Present

Elton John Discography - All 475 Songs from 1969 to 2006