In Search of The Creator

.... Randomness and chaos or order and intelligence. Logic and purpose or pointless and illogical and without purpose. Creation or scientific beginning that can be born of a test tube. Which is it to be. These are troubling questions in an era that sees all manor of horrible crimes but really no worse than The Medieval Period when barbarism was taken to new heights and crimes were beyond reason and all in the name of "God". All in the name of The Creator I went in search of. These are interesting times to be sure. It is one of the only times in history where believing in God or Gods is/was frowned upon. First there was The Mother Goddess (even Gobekli Tepe is said to be a temple, and temples are usually built for and to gods) then the Gods of Egypt and then Greece and then Rome all of these early ages accepted the gods and yet we do not. Are we more clever than they or do we miss the point and were their gods not really gods but the actual planets their name represented ? I have attempted to try to figure this out.

The Bible states quite clearly that some omnipotent "thing" was "responsible" for causing the universe to come into being and for placing the lights (and the planets) in their positions. In fact The Bible states that they were placed where they are so that we, man, could tell time and the seasons and the years. In my studies I have also learned that not only were they placed so that we could tell time but also so that we could measure on the Earth and in space using the very ratios of these planets. Somehow early man took the ratios of the planets and used them to devise a measuring system here on Earth. How could they have done this for the moment escapes me but use it they did. The most interesting thing I think out of all my research is where the bulk of this information was found. It was found on The Giza Plateau and it was the ratios of the pyramids and the distance used by the early ancient Egyptian builders which led me to an inescapable conclusion. These builders knew more about the heavens than probably 95% of the people today and the question we must answer is ... how did they know for it is not did they know, that is obvious but how did they gain their knowledge. How did Emhotep know all these things he incorporated into his pyramids. This is the question for the ages.

Changing Academia's minds is near to impossible for even if you point out logical and consistent steps in the thought process and come to some very logical conclusions all of your data is termed ... just a co-incidence ! Most of my work checks to within .02% accuracy or 99.98 % accurate yet that is not good enough for most. It makes no difference to these people that the data I am trying to use has been subjected to 4500 years of deterioration on the ground and upwards of 4.5 billion years of change in the heavens. So now let's see what this "Creator" has place in the heavens for us to enjoy.

I guess that in order to accept that the solar system was intelligently designed the major thing we would have to do is to find some interesting order and ratios within it's members. Here is a little test. Find any science teacher or someone knowledgeable in science and ask them why the planets are the size they are and why they orbit where they do. You would think that to counter an argument that the solar system was intelligently designed they would have a very strong counter argument. Well guess what ? They do not. They can not tell you these answers yet they even when you show them some amazing things about these 8 planets they still refuse to bend they still refuse to accept that there is order and not randomness and chaos. They still call it co-incidence yet offer no counter point at all ... this is their science I guess. One of the things I decided to do was to add up the total of all the diameters of the 8 planets. I had no idea what I would find I simply did it see what it would yield. The results were brilliant.

.. In this chart on the left you can see that all the planets' diameters when added together give us a total of 400,744.08 kilometers. Things to take note of is that Saturn is very nearly at the 3/4 or 75% mark and that Jupiter seems to be very cloes to the 4/9th spot or maybe even closer to the square root of 5 (2.236068) and that the first 4 planets added together very nearly gives us the number of days in a year times 100. But along with this goes something else very interesting as revealed in the diagram below.


.. In the diagram to the right I have taken each of the diameters of the planets as a ratio to The Earth, as you can see when they are all added together they total 31.41543482 Earth diameters which should be clear to the majority of people who are reading this thread is simply and beautifully and almost precisely Pi times 10. So what does that give us. Well this shows us that the total of all 8 planets is 400,744.08 kilomets but we also get 10 x Pi Earth diameters. So if we divide 400,744.08 by Pi we get 127560.8 kilometers and the precise diameter of The Earth is 12756.274 kilometers. So the total of the planets diameters check to 10 x Earth circumference to a degree of accuracy of 99.9985% !!!!!

<----. 32 (31.14159625) Earth diameters