"I" am God and The Universe nd You are The Proof That I Exist - My Exploration and Proof for Intelligent Design
The Solar System at Giza in 3 Parts - Building a theory
Solar Geometry: A Case for Divine Design of The Solar System (not mine but copyright 1999 by Alan Bennett)
The Earth - Mars Connection at Giza - Finding the ratios everywhere
The Proving of A Geometric Design Layout at Giza - Maybe how it was done
The Curious Case of Pi nd Giza - Finding Pi everywhere at Giza.
Pi in The Sky - A Sign of Creation
The Giza Solar System Rectangle - Preliminary Studies
The Surveying and The Laying Out of The Giza Plateau - A possibility

The Giza Astronomy Book

The Elements of Giza: Showing how the elements of water and air were encoded at Giza
In Search of The Creator: Making sense of the chaos that is Our Solar System
The Solar Map That Is Giza: Further explarations of the simple geoemtry of Giza and The Solar System