The Final Book of Revelation

Part V

The Geometry of Giza Explained


Hi all

Here in Part II of my explanation of Giza we are going to make the bold assertion that The Giza Plateau is in reality an EXACT duplicate of The Great Pyramid larger by the scale of EXACTLY 5.4 TO 1. and of course conversely that that The Great Pyramid is but a scale model of The Giza Plateau smaller by the scale 5.4 to 1. As always the path to these realizations pass through many stages and some intial calcualtions and assumptions were in error. Most have been corrected and I am sure you all will point out the rest. So where do I begin? Well ...

I will start this discussion with a question and an apparently simple one at that. On what does the pyramid sit and how big is it ? Well if you are like the vast majority of people you will immediately say well it sits on The Giza Plateau of course and is 440 cubits wide and 280 cubits high. Pretty simple so what's the point. Well the first part of the lesson is that to find the answers to things one must sometimes come out of the safety of "The Box" and try seeing things from there. So again what is the point. Well to a philosopher The Great Pyramid might go on infinitey for in reality does the ground really stop anything. If we assume this scenario the base of the pyramid, if taken to extremes could actually equal the distance of the equator of the earth and might in fact be that small ratio of, I beleive 1 in 43,000 we have all heard before. But relax for now folks I do not intend to pursue it this far. However we are going to go underground for that is where part of the answer lies. My contention is that The Great Pyramid does not start at ground level and was never meant to. And there are several reason why I have come to that conclusion. First I have tried, unsuccessfully to determine why The Queen's Chamber and The Kings Chamber are where they are. Why have the elevations they are at been chosen. Well if one tries to find a logical reason using ground level as a base there is no rhyme nor reason for their elevation however let's take a journey underground and see what we come up with. Let us assume that The Great Pyramid actually starts AT THE LEVEL OF THE SUBTERRANEAN CHAMBER ! What do we find now. Well we find that from the subterranean level up to the floor of The King's Chamber as near as I have been able to determine is very close to and I now predict will equal EXACTLY 240.625 feet or 140 cubits. And I predict that the distance up to the floor of The Queen's Chamber will equal EXACTLY 183.821 feet or 106.951 cubits. Have I borrowed a magicians hat and just pulled these numbers out of thin air ? No not at all for the 140 cubits is simply 1/2 the height of The Great Pyramid from ground level to the tip (if it existed). Amazing how simple some things can be, would you not agree ? But now where do I get 183.82 from ? Aw yes the beauty of math. Well I am not going to tell you right now for I want you to first of all try to check the validty of my claim. Is the distance actually 183.82 up from the floor and if it is I will then explain how I managed to calculate it. There is a lot more and I am presently building a website to present this in a complete version of Part II of my argument.

But what of my claim of an exact 5.4 to 1 ratio. Well first take a look at this image:

First by Petrie:

And then an image posted by John Legon

On this image we see certain distances. They vary by about .22 cubits in overall height and 0.141 cubits in over all width from what Petrie measured. I think it is safe to assume that the measurements are actually 1197.5 and 1512.0 instead of 1197.641 and 1512.22. So if we assume 1512 and 1197.5 what do we get. Well in height if we divide 1512 by 280 (height of Great Pyramid) we get 5.4. Now let's multiply 1512 by 1//Pi. what do get ? Well 1/Pi x 1512 = 0.318309886 x 1512 = 481.285 ! Doing it this way we get a figure which is only 3/100ths of a foot different than the height of The Great Pyramid at 481.25. And now if we divide 1512 by 14 x 11 we get 108 x 11 = 1188 and if we subtract this from 1197.5 we get a point which is 9.5 cubits left from the center of Pyramid 1 and lo and behold THIS IS ALMOST EXACTLY WHERE DRAWING AN EXACT ANGLE OF 51.83 FROM THE SW CORNER OF MENKAURE'S PYRAMID LANDS US!!!! It is in fact measured by AutoCad at about 11.86 feet but I am sure the margain of error would allow us exactly 9.5. 9.5 cubits should give us 3 feet left of center. We appear to be "out" 8 1/2 feet over about 1922.89 cubits or 3303.84 feet. I will check and see if this falls within "the allowable error" of the Autocad program. We also must take into consideration that what was used was Petrie's measuremtns and it we assume 1512 exactly and 1197.5 exactly the distance 11.86 will change. Hopefully in favour of my prediction smiling smiley

So the distance between grid lines is 108 cubits. Grid 7 x 11 = 1188 x 1512 This is the grid at Giza and haven't you all told me for years that 7/11 was the grid used in the Great Pyramid. And the gird in The Great Pyramid is 280/14 = 20 === Difference and scale of 5.4 to 1

We now have an explanation for As Above ... So Below.

As Above = The Great Pyramid

So Below = The Giza Plateau

There is much more but let's digest this first.

Don Barone