The Don Barone Websites
An Index for 2009

Rewriting Genesis - Revisitng Genesis and searching for a different meaning to it all
There is a God and here is the proof - A suggestion on why there is a God
The "Real" Complete Pyramids: Checking the geometry of The Egyptian Pyramids
Recent Geometrical Observations at Meidum and at Giza Exploring the geometry of Egypt
A Great New Video FLV Page Self contained video screen on webpage. Enjoy
A Movie FLV Website Full length movies delivered in streaming form by FLV format
Growing Up Barone: A video website showing my daughters as they grew up
A Movie and Television Series Site: Star Trek, Twilight Zone, The 4400 and others
Twilight Zone: The Original Series
The 4400: An epic television series
Star Trek: The Original Series
Deadwood: The Complete Series
Countdown to Armageddon
A New FLV Video Page Webpage of videos saved from YouTube and other places
A Flash Based Alternate Homesite - Another former homesite
An Internet Jukebox: Mp3 Music Playlists
Songs From The Roadside Diner: Oldies
The Secrets of The Poussin Code - Giza and The Renaissance
Leather Background: A Homesite
Matrix lead In Page: : An old homepagee
A New Index Sept 2004
Old Country Songs 2003 More Country songs
A Folk Archive - Take 1:: Folk Music MP3's
Website Index for Sept of 2004 former homesite Future's Past - Home Page: Flash Program        
An Alternate Homepage: A different version of this site
Angelica Skating
The Sphinx Through The Ages
99 Red Balloons
The Zapbruder Film
King Tut and Osiris - A Flash Presentation
Ancient Times by Jim
Ancient Wisdom Bookpage
Songs From The Badlands - Original: Country songs
In The Beginning: My take on how it all began
Songs From The Badlands: Country Songs
Easter 1990 in Ottawa: Home Movie

An FLV Video Archive: A work in progress
A list of websites unedited for now
A Video Playlist: From YouTube
Songs From Ricky: Music
A Day in A Life: Christmas Through The Years -Videos
Student Theatre Page: The 1990's
Student Theatre Splash Page: Introduction Page
Angelica Skating Practice
An old introduction page
A geometric solution to the design of The Ankh
Bush countdown clock: How long until he's gone ?

...Countdown to Armageddon

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