The Solar System at Giza: - Part II

Proving The Mars - Earth Relationship

Hi all in Part II, I will show the steps that led me to make an astonishing discovery showing amazing proof of The Mars - Earth relationship at Giza. Below I will show a series of diagrams that led to the final conclusion and discovery. I hope you enojy the trip. As I mentioned in part I it was brought about with my belief that I would find the correct distances for Venus and The Earth as a ratio of 440 on The Giza Plateau so I set out to calculate the various distances between corners and such. Here are those images. As a reminder the distances we were hoping to find were: Venus = 822.184 cubits and Earth = 1136.652 I am really surprised I had never done this before. But on with the diagrams !

In this diagram below I noted the amazing fact that the ratios shown equal what a calculator will give if you press 89.99999999 and then ask for the tan of this angle. Although it should read 999999999999999 it gives the answer of 57295779513.08 . Most bizarre that 1101.14 / 630.91 would yield the exact same ratio. You will also notice that I started calculating the measurement at Giza and got 1100.32 cubits to the corner of G2

In the image below I have calculated the contained angle and show the distance from west side of G3 to west side of G2 which is EXACTLY square root of 2 divided by 4 x's 1000. This multiplying by 1000 is very prevalent in all ratios and distances on The Giza Plateau such as the north-south distance equalling square root of 3 x's 1000

I also thought that this below might be the measurement I was looking for of 1136.652 but as you can see it wasn't. I also did a few more measurements on the west side of the plateau and filled in the missing east-west distance of 1063.70 (1417.25 - 353.5534) I was surprised that once again we got a meaurement of almost exactly 1101, and this for the third time.

I then proceeded to fill in and calculate various measurements taken from the NE corner of The Great Pyramid to the corners of G2 Here are those measurements and the diagram I came up with.

As you can see unfortuantely no Venus at 822.184 cubits nor Earth at 1136.652 However could these distances show us anything and maybe prove something to us? It was then that I had an insight and came up with the following.


Continued in Part III