The Solar System at Giza:

Finding The Missing Planets


Hi all. Ever since Clive Ross brought the curious fact that The Giza Plateau seemed to be a giant astronomy book I have been searching for various clues to either prove or disprove his thoughts. All my research seemed to show many measurements that would make his claim seem very real. This latest development seems to clarify a few things. This latest breakthrough came from the curious fact that if one uses Mercury's distance from The Sun as a base measurement then the distance to Mars is 3.936 of these units (57,909,100 KM x 3.936 - see diagram below) Immediately below see the solar system and their ratios and then below that see The Giza Plateau Solar System.


This works below because 440 (base of The Great Pyramid) times 3.936 is equal to 1732.05 which is the distance from north to south on The Giza Plateau


From the above chart then and using 440 equalling 1 to get the distances to the other planets we would simply need to multiply by 1.8686 for Venus and 2.5833 for Earth. This would give us 440 x 1.8686 or 822.184 cubits and 440 x 2.5833 or 1136.652 cubits .What follows comes as a direct result of me going in search of these distances at Giza. Below I did a quick scale job and thought that this was correct but after checking the actual measurements from Petrie's data it showed it was in error. It looked good but was wrong.

Before going on with the new stuff we should take a look at some of these earlier discoveries of mine which I am not sure if I had ever posted or not. In this first image, using 411.04 cubits as the base of G2 and also incidentally exactly what Petrie had measured for this pyrmaid on it's north side we get this curious fact. If we calculate the diagonal of this pyrmaid with 411.04 as a side we get 581.298 cubits as the diagonal. Calculating the circumference gives us [(581.298 x 2) x Pi] and this gives us 3652.41 - In case you can't see it this gives us exactly the length of The Earth's year in days times 10 (365.25 x 10 = 3652.5)

So could this be a reference to the planet Earth ? Is this telling us that The Great Pyramid is The Sun and the middle pyramid is The Earth? It would seem that it is. But there is much more compelling proof of this and it will follow shortly

However there are many curious references to Phi here at Giza as well and I remain convinced that the reason for this is because Phi is so important in the design and makeup of The Solar System (and probably The Universe). Below is an interesting image using certain Phi distances and ratios.

In the above diagram we see a number, 1070.466, which is basically the square root of 3 divided by Phi or 1.73205 / 1.618034 = 1.070466

Curiously this number ratio shows up in almost all ratios one can imagine on The Giza Plateau as shown in the diagram below.

Below are even more examples of this curious Phi ratio in relation to The Giza Plateau.

But one of the best ones I feel is that Earth, our little planet, 3rd rock from The Sun, is, and this one can easily be checked, is 107.0466 times The Sun's diameter from The Sun. (1392000 x 107.0466 = 149008867.2) The error between the actual distance for The Earth from The Sun of 149,597,897.179 KM could be due to a rounding off of The Sun's actual diameter OR maybe this distance represents the actual distance FROM THE SURFACE OF THE SUN ! Regardless it would appear that Phi is definitely showing itself in certain ratios in Our Solar System and is obviously prevalent at Giza.. It could also be shown at Giza for the simple fact that it is telling us that this is the distance that The Earth is away from The Sun.

And as an aside here many people think that the arbitray use of kilometers is incorrect but if one looks at the numbers it all fits so simply. Mars is 3.936 times Mercury's distance from The Sun, from The Sun. If we check we see that there are 2.54 inches in an inch and 3.937 = 1 / 2.54 - Further to this there are 39.3700787 inches in a meter so it appears obvious that all measurements on Our Earth were devised because of certain ratios in The Heavens. The most ultimate "As Above ... So Below" we are likely to ever find.

1 meter = 39.3700787 inches

1 inch = 2.54 centimeters

1 Mars = 3.936 Mercurys

It is either Ra's will or "the creation" was as real as you and I and if not then I wish someone would explain why all our meaurements follow The Heavens.

Continued in Part II