The Final Book of Revelation
Part IV

The Geometry of The Giza Plateau

The Proving of a Geometric Design on The Giza Plateau

The Surveying and The Laying Out of The Giza Plateau

Date: Unknown

Image 1

Step 1:

With point SW corner of Pyramid 3 draw a vertical and horizontal line toward the top of the page and to the right. This will be the beginning of our grid pattern and please note that it passes through The Wall of The Crow which is said to be one of the oldest structures on The Giza Plateau and is thought to be an entrance way to this sacred area. Below see the most recent picture of the tunnel after clearing from The Giza Mapping Project and Mark Lenher's work.


Image 2

Step 2

With the bend in the causeway of Pyramid 1 as our point draw a [light blue] vertical line to the top and the bottom of the page. It is possible that the tunnel and bridge you see above at The Wall of The Crow could be the point where this line meets the red horizontal line. I am not sure but I think the blue line is too far East. See below for another picture of this entrance.


Image 3

Step 3

Using our intersection point of the light blue vertical line and the red horizontal line draw a [purple] diagonal upward and toward the left crossing through the NW corner of Pyramid 1 and onward untill it meets the red vertical line of our grid. Upon measuring this angle it would appear to equal EXACTLY 51.83 degrees. This is very nearly if not identical to the angle of The Great Pyramid.


Image 4

Step 4

Using point where our purple diagonal hits the red vertical line draw a [navy blue] horizontal line meeting our light blue vertial line. Fron this point draw another purple diagonal this time downward and to the left pasing through EXACTLY the SW corner of Pyriamd 1 and continuing downward untill we return to our starting point which was the SW corner of Pyramid 1. Please note again that the angle seems to measure to exactly 51.83 degrees .

.Image 5

Step 5

Using as our starting point the point of intersection of center line of Pyramid 2 and the right sloping purple diagonal draw a [lime green] line vertically up and down to the edges of the image.


Image 6

Step 6

With our starting point this time the interesection of the lime green vertical line and the center line of Pyramid 1 draw a diagonal yellow line downward and to the right to hit our intersection point at The Wall of The Crow. The angle formed measures out to be almost exactly 23.5 degrees which is of course the angle of tilt of our mother planet, Earth.


Here is a check of the angle of the yellow line. For some reason one of the persons I sent this to felt that I had made an error and that the angle was 22.5. Sure looks exactly like 23.5 degrees to me

Image 7

Step 7

Using the same starting point as in Step 6 draw a diagonal [red] line downward so that it just crosses the point of where the center line of Pyramid 2 meets the mortuary temple and where the causeay seems to start and continue downward to meet the red horizontal line. The angle formed appears to be 45 degrees.


Angle appears to check EXACTLY to 45 degrees

Image 8

Step 8

Using the far remnants of the causeway leading from what was once called The Khufu Valley Temple and projecting it downward and to the left it would appear that the projected [blue] line hits the SW corner of Pyramid 3 exactly and seems to form the angle 36 degrees .


Tough to argue with this one. Looks like 36 degrees EXACTLY !

Image 9

Step 9

Extend all other causeways as shown in diagram to the left



Image 10


Step 10

1) Using the center line of The Khufu Valley Temple draw a vertical [deep purple] line to top and bottom of page.

2) From interesection of just drawn deep purple vertical line and bottom red horizontal line draw a [blue] diagonal line upward and to the left just passing by and meeting the NE corner of Pyramid 1. Please note that this line is parallel to the purple line and is also at the angle 51.83 degrees.


This is very close and it is impossible to be sure but it is obviously very cloe to 52. It could well be 51.83 degrees. Maybe this is why we need the data on The Giza Plateau.

Image 11

Step 11

1) Using the intersection of the navy blue diagonal line and the purple diagonal draw a vertical red line to top and bottom of page. This line cuts the distance from the red vertical line and the deep purple line in half and crosses EXACTLY the intersection of the red diagonal and the purple diagonal line.

2) Using the base of The Khufu Valley Temple draw a horizontal blue line across the page.


On this diagram to the left please note that the distance from The Valley Temple to the red center if we assign a value of 0.618033988 would allow the distance to the enclosure around Pyramid 2 as 0.5.
All kinds of interesting things in this one. Study it on your own.

Image 12

Step 12

1) Using the centerline of The Sphinx draw an orange horizontal line.

2) Using the south base of Pyramid Two draw a horizontal line

. . . . . .This is Part IV because the journey to finding this geometry is really the first three parts. There is much, much more that goes along with this as this is but the tip of an enormous iceberg of discovery. I am allowing this out because it is such a small part of what I have found. You can offer up all kinds of excuses for finding Pi and Phi in The Great Pyramid but the stretching of the chord does not lie. This plateau has been surveyed and meticulously layed out using very sophisticated measuring tools. Those who would claim that this is all a co-incidence are the real ones afraid of "The Truth". Today as well as being the 23rd day of the month is also exactly the 23rd month of the passing on of my mother who instilled in me a sense of wonder and a desire to always continue the search. How fitting it is that I release it on this day. Don Barone, January 23rd, 2006

. . . . . . . .