The Measurements at Giza

Showing The Divine Plan ?

Hi this is a continuation of my earlier web postings and on this website will attempt to show an overall plan for The Giza Pyramids and on the plateau and even more amazingly will eventually tie it all into our solar system. But first an image of The Giza Pyramids courtesy of Google Earth.


The only person to date who has done a systematic survey of The Giza Plateau was Flinders Petrie in 1881. Here are his measurements.

... and how they relate to the plateau in drawing format.

Failing an alternative survey at the present time we will use Petrie's measurments and they reveal quite a lot.

Firstly look at the distance from center of P3 to Center of P2. It shows 9450.2 inches. The distance from center of P2 to center of P1 on the east-west axis is 13165.8. If we divide 13165.8 / 9450.2 we get 1.393176. Now if we look at the distance between P2 and P1 on the north-south axis we see that it is 13931.6. We can see here that it checks virtually perfectly to a scale of 10,000 ( 13931.6 / 1.393176 x 10,000 = 99.9988 % accurate ). Have we used a scale of 10,000 before at Giza ? How about the height of G1 being 5773.50 inches (which is [(square root of 3 / 3) x 10,000] Okay so here we have 3 supposedly random pyramids placed in such a way so that the east-west distance between P1 and P2 divided by the east-west distance between P3 and P2 checks perfectly to the north-south distance between the centers of P2 and P1. Now I propose that the chance of this happening randomly is for all purposes so low as to be virtually zero ! And the fun continues for if we use 9450.2 as a tan or 0.94502 (9450.2 / 10,000) we find that the angle we get is 43.38085 or 43 degrees 22 minutes and 51 seconds See image below.

What is so important about this angle ? Well for starters how about this. These images are screen captured from Wiki:

As you can clearly see the angle shown at Giza exactly matches the angles at The Red Pyramid and the upper angle for The Bent Pyramid. Now who among you can, with a straight face, simply call all of this a co-incidence ? And shall we try this 13165.8 (P3 to P2 east-west) and divided by 9450.2 gives us 1.393176864. Now what do you suppose we get when we use 1.393176864 as a tan of an angle ? Would you like to take a guess ? Look at the angles in The Bent Pyramid. 1 / 1.393176864 = 0.7177839554 Now using tan of 1 / 1.393176864 or 0.7177839554 gives us an angle of 35.6702 ... The inverse of this is 90 - 35.6702 = 54.3298 or 54 degrees 19 minutes and 47.35 seconds. I would suspect that the real angles at The Bent may be 54 degrees 19 minutes and 47.35 seconds and 43 degrees 22 minutes and 51 seconds.

But we are just getting warmed up. There is much more to find but time to cut the grass ...

Okay we are back.

But where are the planets someone asks. Tie it into The Solar System another requests. Okay we will try.

Okay first we need our two favourite planets again. Mercury and Mars with diameters of 4879.4 km and equatorial diameter of Mars at 6792.4 km. When we divide 4879.4 by 6792.4 we get 0.7183617 ( inverse = 1.3920564). If we use this as a tan of an angle we find that the angle we get is 35.6920 and inverse angle is 54.3080 which equals 54 degrees 18 minutes and 28.73 seconds. (54.3080 and 54.3298 - these check for 99.96 %) So we might say that the angles in The Bent Pyramid are showing us Mercury and Mars. Okay now let's divide 43.38085 by 54.3298 and we get 0.7984724774 and if we use this as a tan of an angle the angle is 38.60640 with the inverse being 51.3936 degrees or 51 degrees 23 minutes 36.95 seconds and then we have this ....

The angle varies from 50 42' 07" to 51 58' 15" so could have very easily been 51 degrees 23 minutes 36.95. This would make the height 126.1502 cubits or about 2601.2 inches or 66.07 meters or 216.77 feet

Here is an idea from The Late Clive Ross from here:.

However using my two angles we get 54.3298 and 43.38085 and a difference of 10.94895 and added to 180.00 degrees we get 190.94895 ... Now haven't we seen that number somewhere before ? I think we have ... HINT: Earth / Mars relationship and/or Cubit / Meter relationship and/or 6 / Pi relationship. Here is my slight revision of this diagram from Clive.

Mars semi-major axis of 227,939,100 - Earth semi-major axis of 149,598,261 = 78,340,839

149,598,261 / 78,340,839 = 1.90958206358 (Image = 1.9094897373446 / 1.90958206358 = 0.99995 or 99.995 %)

So the outer angle defining The Bent Pyramid seems to be equal to the ratio between Earth and the distance between Earth and Mars x 100 but lest we forget this ratio is also related to the Meter to The Cubit (39.37 / 20.62 = 1.909311348 and 1.909311348 / 1.9094897373446 = .99990 or 99.99 %)

If we use 20.618033988 inches in a cubit (19 + Phi or 20.0 + 1 / Phi) we get 39.37 / 20.618034 = 1.909497227604 which checks for (Image = 1.9094897373446 / 1.909497227604 = 0.999996 or 99.9996 % accurate.

More a bit later ....