The Secrets of Rennes Le Chateau:

A Magical Mystery Tour, come along ...

Dear Friends:

. . I have for some years worked on and off on the supposed mystery of Rennes Le Chateau. During this time I have vastly exapnded my knowledge of Rennaissance paintings and the life and times of it's many talented and god inspired artists and masters whose work seems almost to have exceeded the boundaries of man's abilities. Along this path I have been often guided by a somewhat mysterious figure, Mark Harlem [sorry Mark :o)]. As I have often had to explain to Jami [Steve Nixon] the path which we are seeking to travel has had many travellers before us. This knowledge that we seek is not new and although possibly sacred it is possible for anyone to lay claim to it. Does one have to be pure of heart and spirit to achieve it ? I am not sure and only know that I am tantilizngly close but still lack the enlightenment which I seek to find. This page is meant to sort of bring all my present thoughts and "discoveries" to the forefront and maybe get some fresh insites into other roads I might travel.

As I have stated in the past I have never believed that the "treasure" consists of gold and silver simply because in reality these are transient and are of no real importance to the soul of mankind. I have always believed that this treasure is KNOWLEDGE of some sort and if learnt or found will lead, well who knows where it could lead. Everlasting life ? Mystical enlightenment ? Or are these both one and the same ?

In the last little while it has been suggested to me the way I have been pursuing the mystery might be in error and so I have started to take a fresh approach to it. One of the early turn arounds and new insites I gleamed were or was about who the artist was of the mystery painting: The Allegory of The Coronation of Celestine V pictured below.

While searching the net I noticed it bore an uncanny resemblance in feel to this painting below.

From this and continued studies and question asked to certain individuals I have determined that The Celestine V paintings is not at all by an anonymous French artist but is in fact probably done by Jan van Eyck or another of the Flemish school of arttists at the time which could incude his brother or Rogier van der Weyden. The study of Van Eyck leads to The Ghent Altarpiece and specifically the sacrifice of the lamb and then leads to The Duke of Burgundy [Duke Philip III the Good] and the fact that Jan van Eyck worked for The Duke and went on missions for him. The Duke by the way started THE MOST ILLUSTRIOUS ORDER OF THE GOLDEN FLEECE and is pictured here with his medal and over sized chain which is the only authentic one.

To tie into this also is a clue from Mark which suggests as written in his final post:

"Shepherdess no temptation", are not two seperate phrases but one. You can find who this specific person is, if you get your mind around the only person in French history who rose from being a poor shepherdess to great political power, shaking up the European Courts while in her few years never giving in to temptation and staying maid until she was burned. Her ashes were supposedly thrown in the river.
Picture well the situation. Have you ever seen a picture of a person burned to death in for instance a hotel fire? Now reflect this on somebody who is burned at the stake. The heat is by far not enogh to burn somebody to ashes as with our modern cremation. So, what happened with the remains?

The person that the phrase "Shepherdess no temptation" is referring to and the one women who shook up French politics is none other than Joan of Arc[adia]

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