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Here is a very old picture of The Sphinx. Notice how it really does not look like the present face at all. The eyes appear to be much larger as well as what appears to be a large indentation in it's right cheeck [left as we look at the picture]. Also it almost appears that one could enter through either of the eyes but especially the right one as we look at the picture. Notice also how the flap on the right side of the head as we look at it plainly resembles that of a roaring lion. What modifications exactly have been done to this monument and I also have to ask exactly why it has been changed so much. I will post three pictures. The first as I found it somewhere on the web and I am sorry I can not remember where I got it. The second will be a blowup of just the face portion and then a final blowup of the whole thing. Your comments are invited on The Guardian Egypt Message Board.

Never mind the guardian he has stopped any further discussions of this on his board. Click here to read the gory details of what I had the nerve to post. It is indeed laughable.


The picture as I found it. Date is unknown as far as I can remember but perhaps someone can identify it.


Blowup of The Sphinx: Face only


A blow-up of the entire picture.



Was this what the Sphinx originally was ?



Sphinx 1886


Sphinx 1892


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Sphinx 3D if anyone has red and green glasses




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...... .. . ...................................................Sphinx in 1849

Some very unusal things in the center of the face to be sure. An awful lot of ridges. I wonder what they were. Has anyone seen an earlier photo than this one in 1849 and how about a closer view. Very interesting isn't it ?





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And last but not least a very large picture to end the tour.



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