The Co-Incidences at Giza, Rennes le Chateau and on the canvases of Poussin

Part VII

The Giza Plateau and Poussin


Hi all.

I would like on this page to introduce The Giza Plateau to the works of Poussin. First I would like to show the most accurate image or diagram yet produced of The Giza Plateau produced in 1999 by The Giza Mapping Project.  Incidentally all attempts at gaining specific measurements, mainly the distance to the centerline of The Sphinx have so far gone unheeded. However moving on here is the image.

Copyright Giza Mapping Project 1999

As we did with The Great Pyramid let us superimpose the image over the Poussin painting. Here is what it yields ...

And then circling any obvious intersections

On this picture above please take note of the circles numbered 1, 2 and 3. Here is a close-up of that part of the image:

Here is an image that allows you to see the line and the obvious intersection with a corner or side of one of the pyramids.

Very nice I think.

Now let's return to the shepherd painting from 1627 and see what we can find on it. Here is the overlay of The Giza Plateau on it.

On this image we can see that I have set the NE corner of Menkaure's pyramid at the intersection of the purple diagonal line which defines the side of The Great Pyramid and the white line which defines the top of the staff of the left side shepherd. I did this initially because of what was found in the previous image in regards to this pyramid on the overlay onto Et In Arcadia Ergo. However it turned out to contain much more that I initially saw or suspected. I decided to draw some additional lines and this is what I came up with.

As you can see some amazing things are revealed. First is that the NE corner of Menkaure's pyramid no is on the intersection of the purple diagonal and the newly drawn blue diagonal. This means two things. One is that this point is half way between the left edge of the painting and the "yellow breast line" and also half way between the line which defines the base of the pyramid and the top of the image as we now view it.

Very nice I think !

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