The Co-Incidences at Giza, Rennes le Chateau and on the canvases of Poussin

Part V


Now that we have introduced Phi with John Legon's drawing perhaps we should revisit both shepherds paintings with phi overlaid onto them. The image I am using to overlay phi is a cad drawing supplied by Wayne over at the Ma'at discussion forum.  Here are the images.

What we now have are three images which  follow the "Golden Rectangle".  Two shepherd paintings by Nicolas Poussin and a masterful diagram by John Legon. What we need to is try to combine them and see what happens but before we do that I think it is very important that one more co-incidence is brought to the forefront. The line of site which was projected from the right eye of the shepherdess just brushing past the pointing finger cuts this first shepherd painting by Poussin into the phi ratio. Again I don't believe this had ever been noted before. Just more proof I feel that Poussin was indeed using phi in his paintings. Here is what I mean.


What we are going to do now is superimpose John Legon's drawing over this painting by Poussin after adding all the lines we had put on before and see what it gives us. The reason I first attempted this is because both had and used the phi or Golden Rectangle. Here is what this will yield after first rotating Poussin's painting 90 degrees to the left.

This is a fascinating image. First thing to notice is that our "yellow breast line" coincides with the exact center of the pyramid and the second thing to notice is that the red line of site line  meets the image at a point exactly corresponding to the center line of The King's Chamber. Perhaps simply yet another coincidence but I was starting to suspect that something more might be involved. Please keep referring to this image as we return to the later shepherd painting and try the same thing.

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