The Co-Incidences at Giza, Rennes le Chateau and on the canvases of Poussin: Part II


Carrying on further from page 1 we can use a line which is already on the painting and which the finger points to.  This yields the following configuration.

How strange (co-incidental ?) that this vertical (red) line meets the extension of the kneeling shepherd's staff and where it hits the horizontal white line as defined by the intersection of the projected line of site from the shepherdess' eye thru the tip of the pointing finger and the extended staff of the left sided shepherd.. Perhaps co-incidence number 2 has been found.

Building onto this image we are going to project the staff of the left side shepherd downward. Then we are going to draw a (yellow) horizontal line from the intersection of where this line intersects with the vertical line drawn from where the kneeling shepherd's staff would hit the top (white) horizontal line.  We are then going to draw a (green) line from our shepherdess' eye through the eyes of the right sided shepherd and through the intersection point of the point described earlier. This yields the following configuration:

Please note that co-incidentally this yellow horizontal line coincides EXACTLY with the line Poussin has drawn to show the first course of the block of stones for the tomb. Co-incidence number 3 ?  And how about the co-incidence that the projected green site line appears to hit the bottom white horizontal line at the very edge of the painting.  All very interesting but there is much more.

Now we will extend a (purple) line from the tip of the left sided shepherd's staff  through the pointing finger and from then a (blue) line from the tip of the kneeling shepherd's staff were it to extend to the white horizontal line. This gives us the configuration we see below.


We are almost finished drawing the lines we will need. Only one to go. This was one of the last I stumbled onto and it was so obvious I guess I missed it. What we need to do is to simply divide the painting in half. But interestingly or co-incidentally Poussin seems to have marked it clearly for us by marking a "V" in the hair style of the right side shepherd. Terribly obvious once it is pointed out.

And here is the close-up of the "V"


Now that we have all the lines necessary we will try to see if these lines correspond to anything else.

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