The Art of Nicolas Poussin

Above we have combined The River God [in a private collection] and the painting 'Venus and Adonis'
and as you can see they were indeed originally one painting having been cut in half sometime in the past.

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Hannibal Crossing The Alps
Venus and Adonis [Vénus et Adonis] c.1626
Oil on canvas
74.5 (h) x 112.0 (w) cm

Nicolas Poussin is one of France’s greatest painters. Venus and Adonis is an important example of the mythologies he painted in Rome during the 1620s. In Rome, the artistic centre of Europe, Poussin absorbed the lessons of classical antiquity and the Italian masters. Poussin’s innovation was to merge these influences with an often astonishing realism, refined through extended on-site study of nature and the figure.

Venus and Adonis presents an idyllic depiction of the ancient world. Seen at sunset, Venus and Adonis share their love in a landscape peopled with cherubim. Both landscape and figures are painted with a free and light touch. In this way, nature weaves all together: the humid haze of the Italian summer evening, the vibrant sun that dances indiscriminately over and warms foliage and bodies, and the lovers.

However, scholars have determined that the original painting was cut in two, the left hand side showing a river god in a landscape is now in a private collection. This might account for the enigmatic nature of the Musée Fabre’s painting and its narrative, where a series of figures, seemingly lost in worlds of private pleasure, are both entangled in the richly described landscape yet isolated from each other.

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Amazing ... But one hardly needs to be an expert to see it or figure it out.

The Entry of Christ Into Jeruslaem
Woman of Samaria

According to Anthony Blunt the original of this painting is lost. However
I found this quote on the web. "The thank-offering made possible the cancelling of the church debt payment in full for the building of a new rectory, and the renovation of the interior of the church, which work was done, in the summer of 1909, when the congregation worshipped in the Chapel. The old frescoed, bordered walls were covered with paint of a neutral tint, which brought out in pleasing relief the decorative exposed beams of side walls and ceiling, and the exquisite coloring of the stained glass windows. The carpeted floors of the pews were replaced with those of oak, with marble aisles. The chandeliers and side-lights of the seventies were taken out. Modern wrought-iron lanterns of artistic design and fine workmanship were hung by strong chains from the hammer beams, and harmonizing in design and color with them, new fixtures replaced the older sidelights. These were the gifts of Mr. Henry H. Skinner.
         Two other adornments were added to the church building about this time. A painting, brought from London, was presented to Christ Church l)y Mr. Horatio W. Southworth in memory of Bishop Alexander Burgess. This picture--
"Christ and the Woman of Samaria "--was painted by Nicholas Poussin. It hangs at the rear of the vestibule between the long, narrow, stained-glass windows. Resting on a shelf directly under this picture is a large, old-fashioned Bible, presented by its former owner, Mr. Theodore Chapin Beebe. Later the crowning glory was added, the exquisitely carved pulpit, erected as a memorial to the Rev. John Cotton Brooks.

I will have to check with the church in questions and see if it is an original and if I can have a digital photograph of it for my website.
Flight into Egypt with Elephant
Present whereabouts unknown.
Time Saving Truth From Envy and Discord
Original lost

One copy known and it is in a private collection in Switzerland.
Moses Striking The Rock

Original lost. Composition known from engraving quite probably in reverse since Moses holds his staff in his left hand.
Moses and The Daughters of Jethro

Original lost. Composition known from engraving and drawings. The drawings prove that the engraving is in reverse
Christ and The Women Taken in Adultery (a second version)
Present whereabouts is unknown

The picture was first published by Grautoff (Bibli. 864 p. 329) but was at the time almost wholly repainted. In 1960, however, the repaint was removed and the picture was found to be an original, though very much damaged. Grautoff dated the picture c. 1645, but in style it is very close to christ's entry into Jerusalem and like it must be dated c 1626. X-rays show Poussin made many alterations in the picture in the course of execution (From Anthony Blunt's description)
Cleopatra and Augustus
probably 1624-25 in Rome

The picture was rejected by Friedlaender (bibli 1056 p 85) and by Thuillier (Bibli 1180, p 31) who ascribes it to Vuibert on the basis of a photograph and on a supposed similarity with a painting of The Martydom of St. Cecilia at Montpellier; the latter is probably not by Vuibert, and the similarity of the cleopatra with it is purely illusionary. In the original, which is unsually large for Poussin, the free handling and the warm colours distinguish it completely from Vuibert's work.

The compostion is influenced by Marcantonio's engraving of The Queen of Sheba after Giulio Romano
Venus and Satyrs
Canvas 122 x 144.8 cm
Amersham, H.C.W. Dally collection

Early history unknown. Aquired by present owner in the 1960's. Generally close in style to The Venus and Adonis in the cook collection until recently on loan to Manchester City Art Gallery. This picture is as yet unpublished and deserves consideration as a possible insertion into this group of disputed early pictures. (Comments by Christopher Wright out of his catalogue.)
Nicolas Poussin, after
French, 1594 - 1665

Herclue Vainqueur De Cacus ...nineteenth plate in the book..[Titles in Russian and French]....Imperatorskaya Ermitazhnaya Galereya ä GalÈrie ImpÈriale de l'Ermitage (Saint Petersburg: Gohier Desfontaines, 1847), 16th - 17th century

Color Lithograph
22.3 x 29.2 cm (image); 53 x 39.4 cm (sheet)
Achenbach Foundation for Graphic Arts

Lithographer, FranÁois-Joseph Dupressior~Printer, Paul Petit~printer, publisher, Paul Petit~publisher, Gohier Desfontaines

Artist Credit: all

Artist Biography: Painter and etcher born 1594 in Villers. Moved to Rome in 1623, where he died in 1665, and is buried in S. Lorenzo in Lucina. Sopher, Marcus. Seventeenth-Century Italian Prints. Stanford, 1978.
The Rest on The Flight to Egypt
Dimensions unavailable
London, Private Collection

Formerly in the Vitale Bloch collection
Kristus helbreder de to blinde ved Jericho

by Poussin ????? Not sure !

Epidemic Among the Philistines

This appears to be the same as The Plague of Ashdod but are there small subtle differences ?
The Holy Family with Saint John the Baptist

Canvas, 20 x 26 3/4 in (51 x 68 cm)

Collections: Lucien Bonaparte, Prince of Canino (younger brother of Napoleon Bonaparte); sale, New Gallery, London 6 February 1815 (50 ); sale, Paris, 10 January 1823 (49); Guillaume Bertrand Scipion de Saint Germain (1810-1884) and thence by descent to a Private Collection, Montauban, France

Literature: This painting has been extensively published; for full details see B. Edelein-Abadie, La Collection de Lucien Bonaparte, 1997, pp. 241-2

Engraved: by Cristof Silvestrini, 1812

113 x 154 cm.
30,000—40,000 EUR
Lot Sold.  Hammer Price with Buyer's Premium:   246,962 EU
The Flight Into Egypt

Leda and the Swan
formerly attributed to Poussin
Oil on canvas,
49 x 66 cm

Not sure on this one but it sure looks like the model Poussin tended to use in his paintings.

Cain and Abel

I have my doubts on this one being by Poussin but as you can see in the second thumbnail it is credited to him in this old catalogue where the image came from. Since I have been unable to find either this image or the one above listed anywhere else and since obviously they have not been credited to anyone else, for the time being we will leave them under the Poussin column.

Nicolas Poussin Heilige Familie mit Engeln, Oval 1625-1630
alleged by Poussin on a webaite but I doubt it.
alleged by Poussin on a website but I doubt it.
Moses getting water from a rock ... after Poussin
after Poussin ... Apparently a contemporary copy of the Louvre picture (C. Geoffroy)..jpg
Agony in the Garden
Venus and Adonis sul monte Ida, tela, cm.71x106 (con cornice cm 82x118x6), Firenze, Galleria degli Uffizi

Not sure where this one has been hiding but I just found it. It is in Galleria degli Uffizi, an amzing museum in Italy