Nicolas Poussin and The Golden Mean

A Proof At Last !

Part III

His Portrait Says It All

Hi all and welcome to the last [for now] image which I have examined. Before going on I have to emphasize that without the invaluable assistance and insites of Mr. Gary Osborn all of this would still lay hidden in the midst of time and secret societies. He has found some astonishing new things and I hope that when his book comes out you will all support him for it really was his insites which led to to where I am now. Further I would like to add that many more things are hidden in these paintings but due to various copyright restrictions and promises to both Gary and from Gary to his publisher much of what else lays hidden in these paintings will have to wait for now. But the major proof has been established and that is that The Secret Code of Poussin in all likelihood was and is The Golden Mean and the pentagram that went/goes with it. But what does it all mean ? Well I am sure we will find the answers in Gary's book. But now that last image.

If you were going to hide a secret code in a painting where would you hide it ? Well Nicolas Poussin hid it probably exactly where I would have hid it and that is in a portrait of himself. Here is the iamge in question. Please note that there are always various versions of these paintings and where they are cropped vary but the proof is there in all of them except those which were copied and which the artist did not know about the secret encoding of Phi. Anyway here is the portrait.

This painting has a lot of hidden things which I will describe after Gary's book comes out but for now allow me to present the final and absolute proof of Phi. Here are the opening lines I drew. Do you see it coming ?

And the final image with the rectangle superimposed ...

And a smaller image so you can see the whole thing.

As you can see the arc again scribes a prominent feature. Your Honour ... The Defense Rests !

And here's another image just for good luck. This is his self-portarait painted in 1649.

Thee is much more I have to post so please check back after Christmas or early in The New Year. The geometry of these paintings is elegant and beautiful and we must now ask ourselves why was it incorporated into his paintings and what was he trying to tell us. That he was aware of The Golden Mean ? I do not think so. It is definitely a code of some kind. A Phi code. The Poussin Phi Secret Code is what I think we should be looking for. It is definitely a map of some sorts. But of what is it a map ? We must find where Poussin has hidden his "X". Find the "X" [The Key] and the door will be opened. Remember Poussin [and Teniers] holds The Key !

Coming soon: Finding The Secret Key

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Don Barone
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