Recent Geometrical Observations at Meidum and at Giza
as noted by Don Barone

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To all who would search for other answers be they accepted or in dreams it can never hurt to explore the unknown for within these searchings will be found perhaps the kernels of truth and also perhaps just a bit of some real knowledge. For the finding of The Grail is really not important it is the search for it that is the true adventure for within the search will lie "gold" amd "treasures" undreamed of as slowly more and more will be revealed and the veil, or perhaps all seven veils, will at last be lifted.

A Pyramid at Meidum

Step pyramid, Meidum, Fourth Dynasty, 2,600 B. C.
Photographer: Kenneth Garrett
Location: Old Kingdom Pyramid, Meidum, Egypt.
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My search at Meidum begins, as most of my searches usually do, with an innocent question asked by another. In this particualr case it was a question posed by Rick Baude over at The Ma'at Discussion Board . The question was very simple. He simply asked: "Does anybody have any aerial photos of "The Collapsed Pyramid"?" From this simple question a whole host of questions began to be raised with the inevitable conclusion that what we see today in the upper portion is EXACTLY what was intended. So now I will walk you through my research on this matter with special thanks to Clive Ross, a pioneer in this field and a man who has forgotten more than most "Egyptologists" will ever know about the real purposes of the pyramids and what occurred in ancient Egypt so very long ago and of course to those such as Rick Baude who after years vegetating in the orthodox camp has allowed his imagination to take flight and is now pursuing things that that side would have burned ... if they but could. But now on to Meidum located about 100km south of modern Cairo. But you know actually maybe Meidum IS EXACTLY 99.561 kilometers south of Cairo. Now how would I have arrived at that bizarre number ? Well ... that will be for a little later.

At first I had only pictures to go by and an image posted by Clive Ross who had already done much research on this matter. Here is the image he posted at Ma'at that jumpstarted my own search for answers on this intriguing pyramid.


Now I am not sure how many perceive my work or how long some people think I spend on any given idea but I usually end up with hundreds if not thousands of images which I discard or save depending on whether the idea works or not. It is a painstaking process and many, many hours are spent in this pursuit. It is my hobby you might say and of course the rewards are obvious. New insights for myself and hopefully for others. The reason I mention this is that sometimes I pursue things that lead to dead ends or erroneous conclusions and that is really why I am always redoing different portions of my research as new measurements are revealed or new technologies allow for better understanding of the figures. So below please find my early ideas on what was occuring at Meidum.

"The Geometry of Meidum"
now under construction

Here is a second image supplied by Clive Ross which allowed me to see clearly the overall plan and layout of The Meidum Pyramid. The large pyramid in the background in green slashed lines is The Great Pyramid and the pyramid outlined in blue is the erroneously thought of final form of this pyramid. As I have already stated there are many who do not believe it was ever finished nor meant to be finished. As with all further images on this page please "left" click on thumbnail to see a much larger image. Please note that I have Clive Ross' permission to work with and post his images. No such right is given to anyone else and taking images and posting them anywhere is an infringement on Clive Ross' copyright and any board who allows them to be posted on same or any person who posts them anywhere will be subject to full prosecution of the law. The same holds true for any of my own copyrighted images.
Since Clive had suggested that not only was 280 cubits correct for the height but there was a second height of 275 cubits also involved I decided to divide the 275 height into 5ths of 55 cubits each and came up with the diagram you see to the left.