The Search for The Soul and Truth

Ever elusive and ever changing

Hi all. I am honored to have been asked to put some of my thoughts into a short treatise that may appear on The Illuminati's website, The Armageddon Conspiracy. Before I do just a very quick recap of who I am. I am a grail seeker, as I assume all of you are who might be reading this. I seek and search for one little thing, The Truth. Not riches, not rewards, not wealth, not power not adulation, not solitude, not immortality, and not death either. But simply the truth for I believe that the truth will at last set me free. Problem is would I know it, Truth that is, if I saw it ? Aw there is the rub, as Shakespeare might have said. However in my pursuit of trying to discern what the truth might be I have formed some possible scenarios and this is what I have been asked to write about.

In my ongoing pursuit of a geometric solution at Giza I have stumbled onto a very curious fact. It appears that not only cubits but inches and miles as well as kilometers have been incorporated in some of the measurements regarding The Giza Plateau as well as between other monument systems and pyramids in Egypt. On the surface this seems to fly in the face of our present logic and understanding of reality but they nevertheless appear to be there, so are my calculations wrong or can there be another explanation ? I wrote to Mike (Hockney) and suggested two possible scenarios that might allow this:

1) ... that the pyramids are a gift from the future either built by time travelers or actually built in the future and we are simply reliving it all again.


2) ... I continue to create my world and as I have long suspected it could be just one of the "mementos" I have left for myself.

Let us examine the first scenario. What do I mean when I say The Pyramids may be a gift from the future built by time travelers ? In this scenario we accept that time is linear and that we are going from a past which has happened toward a future which is ever unraveling from the threads of all that has gone before, sort of like a ball of wool. In this scenario only a fool would limit the achievement of men in the far distant future so one could quite easily allow that "someone who came in peace" (Imhotep) from the future brought a message back to the past and incorporated certain future knowledge within a giant, time beating stone monument which would one day reveal to us a glimpse of the future and even who we are. But as we all know from reading and from viewing the various Star Treks, etc that time travel is a dangerous business and one must not disturb the time line so the simple act of giving these people the knowledge MUST HAVE CHANGED THE OLD TIME LINE !!!!!! So I suggest that something happened on the old ORIGINAL time line, a horrendous cataclysm perhaps where altering the future could be no worse that what had occurred. Thus I suggest that encoded at Giza is a warning to us of what that future disaster was and it is up to us to solve it or suffer the same fate. But will we be as resourceful as the ones who went before and send someone back in time ? Maybe we are not on that path and must figure it out or perish. I totally believe The Giza Plateau is a message in stone. it is a map of our solar system as is all of Egypt in fact if I had the time I might be able to expand my research to encompass the entire earth. It is a message to us that we must decipher or perish. Failure is not an option. Fail this test and we are gone. it is these deep dark thoughts that drive me to the point of obsessiveness to try to find the date that is frozen in time at Giza and it's map of The Solar System but at a specific instant in time. It is this date, The Armageddon if you wish, that will seal our doom. Can it be as early as December 21st, 2010 .... unfortunately ... yes ! So could we be trapped in a never-ending time loop of reliving the past with no real future ? Is this where deja vu comes from ? Have we all done this a billion times ? How would we ever know ? and that leads beautifully into my second scenarios ...

Now the second scenario.

Memento was a disturbing movie, a very, very disturbing movie for it was a horror movie beyond all horror movies. Encapsulated simply it was about a man who only had a 24 hour memory span. Every day he had to start over, he remembered absolutely nothing of his or anyone's past. I ask you to imagine the horror of this. Imagine waking up each day and not recognizing anyone. Your wife, your children your friends. Imagine knowing nothing of history, geography, music, books the arts and art, knowing that each day was going to be like the previous one. Knowing that you would probably ask the same questions and get about the same distance and then slide down the slope and start again in the morning. Hell on Earth if I ever I heard of it. How would you try to survive this nightmare ? Well he did what you and I would probably both do, he tried to leave himself clues and writings and notes, and as the movie's title implies he tried to leave himself Mementos of his past but he failed miserably. Every clue was misinterpreted and misunderstood. He was doomed to continue to live the same day over and over. It was a very sobering movie.

So in a way that is what I sense has happened with ME and possibly you but for the moment I am concerned with the "Me" . I have lived this latest life of this I am reasonably certain because my memories are the most vivid and clear and I have photographs and video proof of what has occurred in my life. But what if it is all illusion ? Perhaps this lifetime, no maybe the last five thousand years have been but one day to us as one 24 hour day is to our man in the the movie Memento ? What if I am only repeating the same life (many years) over and over again. To me that would be pointless so if I am living it over and over it is for a purpose and I propose that perhaps it is to discover who and what I am and where I am and why I am and the various out of place artifacts that obsess me have been placed in my time line or memory or reality BY ME to spur my thoughts towards unraveling and discovering "The Truth" . Mike Hockney might suggest that it is my inner or higher self trying to break through and contact me, perhaps it if is but I wish he would speak more clearly.

In love and The Light
Don Barone