The Final Book of Revelation

The Final Chapter:

I Am God and The Universe and You
are the proof that I exist - Part VI

Hi all it seems we have run into a minor problem. As most of you know I tend to rush sometimes and the data I gave for the co-ordinates of the centre of G2 or Khafre's pyramid seem to be in error. It hurts my theory but it is not a fatal flaw for obviously these co-ordinates hit elsewhere on The Giza Plateau. So while I are running what this might mean around in my head I might as well get to The Sixth Day - the day of The Creators finest creation - "Man"

26 Then God said, “Let Us make man in Our image,

This phrase is probably as big a stumbling block to anyone trying to accept "intelligent design" as there is and that The Bible could be correct by making such an apparently outlandish statement seems ludicrous and so for many years any hope I had of getting to a proof of intelligent design was going to have to eventually deal with this problem. So in other words we would have to be able to come up with another form that this "Creator" could take that would forever get rid of the stereotype of the old man and the beard and I think I may have been able to do just that. But first let's take a very brief trip to Sakkara where is it is written apparently although the actual source of the quote has eluded us we find that Imhotep built the pyramids with a design "that came down from heaven? I propose that this translation or whatever it might have been is slightly in error and what the quote should read is ... "and Imhotep built the pyramids from a plan "that came down from heaven ... and was duplicated on the ground at Giza... which probably means it was a plan ... OF THE HEAVENS !!! So what this is telling us is that Imhotep, whoever he may have been copied the solar system and probably even the stars and placed it on The Giza Plateau ( I am not that far along yet to prove the stars part conclusively yet). But let's get back to "Man" and the creation. All studies in the past have concluded that the measurement systems we are using be it inch or foot or digit or cubit, either in the past or in the future were derived from the measurements of a man's arm or in the case of Ancient Egypt the length of a Pharaohs arm, the width of his finger of the width of his arms out stretched as illustrated in the hieroglyph and image shown below:

Well I am about to propose a radical new theory or suggestion and in doing so will be trying to keep to the spirit of what is written in The Bible. We have always assumed that man created the measurements he uses but I propose that is not correct. I propose that he is simply an extension of the forces around him and by being so simply follows the same mathematical ratios that are found in the largest of distances and the smallest of light wavelength distances. So I propose that a man's finger is not 1 finger width but is indeed 1/100 of the distance an object falls on Mars in 1 second or 1/261.8034 of the distance an object falls on Earth in 1 second. And the length of a man from his knee to the ground is not a cubit but is in fact simply 18 times 1/100 of the distance an object falls on Mars in 1 second or 18 times 1/261.8034 of the distance an object falls on Earth in 1 second. So what we have finally achieved here is proof that 'Man" simply follows the universal fundamental laws as set out by "The Creator" and the guiding force, as I knew it always had to be is ... PHI !!!! So man did not set the measurements nor design them ... they designed him !!! And "The Creator" can have but used one agent to achieve all of this and it had to have been PHI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How sweet it is ...

This is to be continued as I offer up a further proof of this suggestion probably to be posted sometime tomorrow morning

How am I doing?

In the light
Don Barone

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