The Final Book of Revelation

The Final Chapter:

I Am God and The Universe and You
are the proof that I exist - Part IV

Why 28 digits in a cubit?

This has been a question asked many times over and various answers have been offered but I believe this is the correct one. We have found that that on Earth an object will fall 261.8034 ancient Egyptian digits in one second so why use 28 of them? Well again our solar system offers up the answer for our "Creator' in it's wisdom chose to make our planet in "his" image but in a slightly smaller scale and on The Sun believe it or not the force of gravity is, yes you guessed it, 28 times that of Earth. So on The Sun an object will fall 261.8034 CUBITS in one second

The Beauty of Gravity in our Solar System:

Mars: An object falls 100 Egyptian digits in 1 second

Earth: (At Giza) An object falls 261.8034 digits in 1 second

And finally

The Sun: An object falls 261.8034 CUBITS in one second

So here we have it folks. The Ancient Egyptians set the cubit to signify the ratio of the gravitational forces between The Sun and The Earth and that was because ... not that they worshipped The Sun because it was a giver of life (although it was) and not because it rose and set to signify life and death (although it does indeed do that) no The Ancient Egyptians did not worship The Sun at all. They knew it for what it was. They knew it was the centre of our Solar System and they also knew all about gravity, sound and light and they were or at least the builders were very much more advanced than ever has been given credit to and Khafre if he was an actual pharaoh was simply a figurehead to show something unique. Khafre was The Sun and G2 is a scale model of The Sun and here is the proof!

As I was sitting in front of my computer a few days ago a thought occurred to me. At the time I thought it was unique but I have since found out that others have seen this bizarre fact Charles William Johnson for one and in fact Anthony Sakovich has told he found this 10 years ago and his judgment was then and as it is now that it was and is GARBAGE. Forgive Anthony I beg to differ! Firstly we must go back to Khafre, The Sun and the alleged worship of The Sun by The Ancient Egyptians and what The Sun does. Before going on I would like to state here that they have got it all wrong. The Ancient Egyptians were not some bumbling backward race who believed in sun gods and other assorted myths of Osiris and Isis and Thoth and such but were a highly evolved scientific people who's knowledge of science and the solar system may have surpassed ours, but that is for our chapter on man and his creation which we shall get to eventually. But now back to Khafre and G2 and The Sun

G2 as a scale model of The Sun

As I said last week a thought occurred to me and on a hunch I decided to see what a certain number would give as a latitude on Earth. The number I chose was the speed of light and that is 299792458 meters per second. So I took this number 299792458 and remembering vaguely that the pyramids did not lay on exactly 30 degrees, and always wondering why I decided to see what 299792458 would give me and this is what I found. This is quite astonishing.

This number if divided by 10 million gives us 29.9792458 and we thus call it 29.9792458 degrees

This gives us when all the simple math is done:

29 58' 45.285"

For example

29.9792458 = 29 and .9792458'

.9792458' x 60 = 58' and .754748"

.754748" x 60 = 45.28488"

So the speed of light as a latitude is equal to 29 58' 45.285"

So playing a hunch I went in search of the latitudes of the pyramids of Egypt and in my search on the very first page listed I found this ....[url=]On this page[/url] ... I found this ....

The Giza Pyramids, On top of the middle Pyramid of the Queens, Giza Pyramids Plateau, Giza, Egypt,
... Latitude: 29 58' 42" N
Longitude: 31 8' 10" E ...

This is within 3 seconds of what the speed of light yields as a latitude and so we have it thus shown to us that the greatest gift of The Sun is light and it is thus shown in all it's amazing glory at the exact latitude of the speed light. Ra or The Sun is revealed to all who would look. So originally there was no temple for why would you worship something that you knew to be not a god but a fact? The Sun became a substitute or a metaphor for the actual "god" of the creation and eventually it developed that these later Egyptians, losing the knowledge of what the pyramids really represented were plunged into a dark period of religion and began to worship all the various gods but they were in reality, in the beginning actually all planets and that is why the gods are said to reside in heaven because, and don't you see the beauty of this, this is where they, The Planets, actually do reside !!!

But surely there would be a bit more if G2 or Khafre's pyramid was actually a scale model of The Sun and yes there is. As we have found on The Sun the gravity is 28 times that of Earth and at Giza the force of gravity is 9.793 meters per second and 28 times that is 274.204 ... THE EXACT HEIGHT OF THE PYRAMID OF KHAFRE ...

LET US ALL PRAISE RA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And ponder on the fact that we are told to be aware of the Beast and the beast's number is said to be 666 and it it not just a bit disturbing that 274.02 divided by .666 is equal to the base of The Pyramid of Khafre in cubits?

More to come

Don Barone
March 31st, 2009

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