The Final Book of Revelation

The Final Chapter:

I Am God and The Universe and You

are the proof that I exist - Part III

Hi again and glad you could make it back. well I have heard from Anthony (my critic) and as expected he could not even begin to understand what I am trying to show. He is so caught up in his own little world of proving Giza IS NOT something else he has ceased to try to think outside of the box and he continually says he has already studied all of this and in fact called it garbage. I will post his email to me after I have gone into the stuff I am going to show here. Okay so as "The Creator" you have now created the planets but you are all powerful so as you were doing this you were also creating them in the correct size to make all the previous things work such as 31.4159 Earth diameters and the distance to The Moon equalling the sum of the diameters of the 8 planets or 400,744.08 km , but you were also creating them at the correct mass and density to allow some specific rules of distances fallen per unit measure. Since the number you have chosen as your benchmark for the planet distance was 261,803,398.88 (remember level 5 being 261,803,398.88 km from The Sun and EXACTLY 1.75 times the distance that the Earth is away from The Sun) it would seem a good idea to use this same magic number Phi squared to set up a measuring system and a time frame as well. Since you already have a meauring system devised ( level 5 being 261,803,398.88 km) why do we not use this to set our time frame and we shall let this distanace divided by 1,000,000,000 ( one million) be the unit time measure we shall use. So that is to say if we set the distance to 261.8034 units and the time to 1 unit we would have a complete system based on nothing more that the size of The Solar System we have created. So trying to make it clear, if an object falls 261.8034 units the time reference will be referred to as 1 unit of time. But what measurement to use ? Well here I have to admit to being unsure of why this planet was chosen ( I really do but that is for a later part ) The planet chosen as the benchmark to go along with 261.80334 was Earth and why will become clear later. So on Earth if an object falls a certain distance in 1 second we will divide that by 261.80334 and it will be called "the force of gravity" and be our base measuring stick. So it is thus that on Earth if an object is dropped and the time it is allowed to fall is equal to 1 second and we divide that distance into 261.80334 pieces or units we find that it will EXACTLY EQUAL ... ONE ANCIENT EGYPTIAN ROYAL DIGIT No wonder they praised Ra ! So we have almost definite proof now that the measuring system of The Ancient Egyptians was in direct relationship to the order of the Universe by incorporating the force of gravity to define their unit of measure and that it was in fact simply a scaled down version of that Solar System and the laws that governed it. But they used 28 of these to form The Royal Cubit. Why ? For that you will have to wait until this evening :o)

On Earth The Royal Cubit is EXACTLY equal to the distance an object will fall at Giza in one second divided by 261.80 (PhiČ x 100 for the uninitiated) and multiplied by 28.

From this we can derive a very simple formula:

distance an object will fall at [Giza] in 1 sec
--------------------------------------------------- x 28 = The Ancient Egyptian Cubit
.......................... PhiČ x 100

It is very convincing.

Okay but's let have a look at why they might have used 28

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