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. . .This site contains many of my own personal thoughts and a lot of links to what I consider many of the outstanding mysteries of today. Included you will find links to the "Face on Mars", The Pyramids, Government cover-ups, a bit of Sacred Geometry, Nasca Lines, Crop Circles and Rennes Le Chateau to name just a few. Please take your time and explore some of them. They are among the best I have found on the various subjects. If you have found an interesting link please e-mail me and I will most certainly post it, as I am always looking for interesting sites. Please visit often as I am constantly adding new sites as I find them or as they are sent to me. ...Please sign my guestbook here or located at the bottom of this page ...Don Barone ... A Dreamer !

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"In order to see into the future we must study the past and try to understand the present."

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Background music on my guestbook is "Lord Franklin". Lord Franklin was obsessed with finding "The Northwest Passage" which was a sea route thought to exist through the north of Canada to the Pacific from the Atlantic. Possibly this idea was based on myth or perhpas more. Regardless he perished in the frozen reaches of Northen Canada during his attempt.

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My "Web" Index Page This is a listing of all my sites. I put it together mainly so I can keep track of them. They are getting out of control but it is a good way to see all the sites at a glance.

My Music Library This site is made possible by an amazing DHTML script called "Internet Amp". First check out the site and then check out the program. 

Burlington Student Theatre Of mainly local interest but worth checking out. This is a theatre group that both my daughters belong to. I have had a lot of fun putting this site together and I have a long, long way to go to complete this project.

Coming Very Soon ..My Bookmarks A complete list of all my current bookmarks. Categorized by subject, of course. Many varied topics so I hope you enjoy them. Boy it sure is a lot of work though! Now completed A-E. Well almost all the "E's"

Under Construction The Book of Don: .In Search of The Gods Pi, Phi and "The Secret Sign" ..My ongoing attempt to put all my ideas down in book form . Many chapters now finished. Have a look. Some have questioned my title "The Book of Don". The reason I chose this title is to sort of put it in the same category as "The Book of Adam", "The Book of Enoch" and "The Book of Noah". These books unfortunately were left out of The Bible but contain fascinating reading and information that I am sure would have changed the course of world religion had they been included. It was my attempt to show that if what I am attempting to say is true, it too (my book) will never be included in any modern academic journal. Perhaps a bit egotisical but then that is me !

Under Constructuion ! The Geometry of the Eye Of Horus (or Ra). On this site I will show the simple and beautiful geometry that I think was incorporated within this ancient symbol. It was arrived at after an indepth study of the squaring of the circle problem and the mathematics of The Golden Mean and also as a sidelight I hope to show the origins of the Pi symbol as well. I hope you will enjoy it and I hope to have it ready by the end of Novemeber, 2000. Well looks like I blew that deadline. Sorry, but it is coming ! Feel free to take a look to see how it is progressing ... Don Barone

for December The Geometry of Nasca ..Here is my solution to a certain geometric formation that can be found on the Nasca plains. I will leave it up to you to see whether I am on the right path or not. Regardless it is very interesting !

for November Good Questions to ask .Hi all ! This is a fun page I have put together for your entertainment. On it I have posed some interesting questions for you to ponder. As always all is not what it seems !

for November Immortal Flesh This is a news article that was making the rounds on or about Nov. 29th, 2000. Since articles like this sometimes vanish, never to be seen of or heard from again, I took it upon myself to create my own website using this article. It probably breaks every copyright law there is but who cares. The nature of it's contents are both exciting and frightening at the same time. If you haven't read it yet, it is a must read !!

for November The Pyramids of Egypts My personal thoughts on the Pyramids and then some links to all the different theories on these monuments that I could find. Very interesting reading !

for November Alice In Wonderland: Revisited My thoughts on what I think the story of Alice in Wonderland is all about. Perhaps not described as well as I would have liked but I have put it down exactly as it occured to me in Oct. of 1998. Do you agree or disagree? Please let me know.

for November Donkey Kong "Diddy Kong's Quest": What could be hidden in a video game? Here is what I found. Could there be a hidden meaning here ? Well take a look and make up your own mind !

for November The Circle .. Does it exist ?

(Oct 29th, 2000) The Kennedy Assassination My opinions of this event and how it shaped my history and three different views of The Zapruder Film

Follow these links to learning ?

An Introduction A little about me and how I think.

The Language of God This is the start of a book I always promised myself I would someday write. It includes my thoughts on Pi, The Golden Mean and the squaring of the circle as well as the properties of the number 2021000000

The Golden Angle The Golden Angle and how I found it. 

The Grand Canyon Finds What are they and why are they being hidden ?

The Eclipse and the "God" Pi The true meaning of the eclipse and what it may have meant to ancient man.

The "Gods" Pi and Phi

Ahatmose:...My original homepage under my first computer name Ahatmose. 

Theories:..Some of my theories. I think they are worth taking a look at. In them I discuss the pyramid (as it relates to the creation story), triangles, the mystery of Rennes Le Chateau and my opinion of what the "Original Sine" was..

A New Code: ..More theories carrying on from the above link.

Numbers:.My thoughts on numbers. 

Letter: An open letter to everyone from me

Books From My Library Suggested Reading: Books that form part of my Library. Find them at one of the following bookstores. Click on the Logo:

In Association with
or in Canada try:
or if you are in The UK try: 

Coral Castle: Explore it This subject gets alot of attention according to my counter so I will work hard to complete it. I have many more pictures to add and will do this as time allows. 

Matt Barone: Music by my brother. Some interesting stuff and I suggest a listen. Sort of a cross between an early Bob Dylan and Stan Rogers. Regardless if you like it or not let him know you visited by signing his guestbook.

Angelica: Homesite of my 13 year old daughter 

Marianna: Homesite of my 7 year old 

A Spaceman Came Travelling: A Song !

The Return A truly great song, have a listen !

To unlock this door use the key of imagination

A first award for simply being curious.

Received Oct. 6th, 1999 .

Received Feb 27th, 2001

  Interesting Links:

Vladimir Pakhomov: O A N N E S Here is a very "new" and interesting site for you to look at.

(Reference: I have deciphered the ancient cryptogram.
This cryptogram contains images and numerical data
and I have called it - The Message.)

There is in Message and an image of Oannes with interesting technical details. Oannes is easy to recognize. 7000 years ago, in Babylonian mythology, there was a god named Ea (who later would be called Oannes by the Greeks). Ea was a water god. He was depicted with the upper body of a man and the lower body of a fish. According to legends, this god, Oannes / Ea, has been responsible for teaching everything that is human to homo sapiens.

In drawings from The Message the characteristic visual trick marked by G. Hancock in the book "Fingerprints of the Gods" is used. Here is that he writes about the images on the Gateway of the Sun in Tiahuanaco (Peru) -

"On the third column... I could make out a clear carving of an elephant's head, ears, tusks and trunk.
...Each turned out to be composed of the heads of two crested condors, placed throat to throat (the crests constituting the 'ears' and the upper part of the necks the 'tusks'). The creatures thus formed still looked like elephants to me, perhaps because a characteristic visual trick the sculptors of Tiahuanaco had employed again and again in their subtle and otherworldly art had been
to use one thing to depict another.
...Members of the elephant family formed out of condors' heads, therefore, need not necessarily be optical illusions; on the contrary, such inventive composites would be perfectly in keeping with the overall artistic character of the frieze." ...

Thoth Empire From the descrition on Avry's website. "Thoth Empire is an institution dedicated to providing an insightful look into the Historical Paradigm. As to how many questions there are about the purity and detail of our past, there are just as many theories given in an attempt to answer them. Sometimes they include thoughtful merit, while others tempt the boundaries of scientific investigation. It was because of this diversity and range in topical understanding that the staff at Thoth Empire decided to create a platform to put some of these ideas under the microscope - to test their validity, and to make a sincere effort at setting the record straight. But it's more than that; we mean to educate by providing a knowledge base - one which is easily understood and enjoyable to those seeking to enlighten their curiosity."

True Hieroglyphics This is a site put up by a great friend of mine in Egypt. His outlook on the writing of the Ancient Egyptians is revolutionizing current thought. Please have a look through this great site. Well worth the visit !

The Daily Grail A great place to keep updated on all things fringe. 

New Face on Mars by kksamurai! My personal claim to immortality on Mars

for February This site documents an on-going investigation into the origins of geometry reportedly marked into the landscape in the positions of certain ancient churches, chateaux and mountain peaks around the ancient hilltop village of Rennes-le-Château, France. This project began as an independent attempt to verify or disprove the findings of Henry Lincoln, as published in his book The Holy Place (1991), and more recently in The Key to the Sacred Pattern (1997). Please click on banner below to visit this amazing site.

Presents.gif - 8028 Bytes

for February Earth Quest Their own description of their site. "The Earth Quest web site is dedicated to resolving the mysteries of ancient civilisations and discovering the truth of 'OUR' past. We will look at all theories and ideas from all sources and also show you some of our own.  This site will be updated periodically with new areas covering subjects like Egypt, New Books, News & Discoveries, Researchers, Maps, Diagrams, as well as our own Work."

for February The Orion Zone Their description of their site. "In the tradition of Robert Bauval (The Orion Mystery), Adrian Gilbert (The Mayan Prophecies), and Graham Hancock (Fingerprints of the Gods),the author examines specific astronomical phenomena in conjunction with both the archaeological evidence of the Anasazi (Hisatsinom) and the ceremonial/mythological lore of the Hopi to arrive at some startling conclusions about the Four Corners region of the United States. 

for January The Giza Pyramids Geometry. I really feel that you must have a look at this site. What David Ritchie has accomplished here goes beyond what most of us can even conceive of. His analysis of the geometry of Giza is perhaps the most detailed study ever undertaken. Even I, who have spent most of the last three years witrh a compass in my hand drawing circles, found it difficult to follow the first time through. Please give it some time and follow his drawings step by step by building it up yourself. It is destined to become a classic site and, I am sure, a reference for the future. David I salute you and congratulate you on one amazing effort !!!

for December ! ..Hot off the presses ! Crichton Miller has finally posted his discovery of the Celtic Cross as a surveying tool and a navigation aid for The Ancients. Check it out at:

for November Gate of the Moon An up and coming site that features articles and links on all the newest discoveries in the world of Egyptology and archaeology, as well as a place for you to submit your opinions on these subjects. Many top name contributors. Well done Ani !

for November The Voynich Manuscript...Not sure what to make of this site as I have only just discovered it and have heard nothing about it in the past. There is a lot of material to read over but it sure looks fascinating. Have a look and a read. I think it is something about a book written in a completely foreign script.

for November The Monolith on Phobos Could this be a real life 2001: A Space Odyssey ? This one doesn't have me completely convinced yet, however it does make one think back to when the Russian probe was destroyed just as it approached this very interesting moon of Mars. If you remember it sent back a picture of a shadow just moments before it disappeared forever. This was the second last photograph it took. The final frame has never been released !

for November The Dark Side of The Moon Landing Photographic proof (?) that we did not go to the moon. Convincing arguments by way of photographs that the moon landings were faked. After reading this one I'm no longer so sure we actually went to the moon. Feel free to make up your own mind.

for November Here is a full page of interesting links that I have put together, sort of a personal bookmark site, broken down into sub sections. Includes Nasca Lines, Mars Face, Ancient Egypt and it's mysteries, Coral Castle. The Pyramids, Conspiracies and much, much more. To visit this page please click here !

for November Some very interesting new sites I have found. Please click here. Includes articles on what Election 2000 may really mean as well as my comments on the JFK assassination and an expose of the plot to surpress the hemp industry. Fascinating reading !

The Mapmakers from the ice age An interesting site on the Earth angles and such. Much interesting reading here !!!

The Cross and the Plumbline Crichton Miller's new discovery that just might change the way we look at the Ancients !

The Dolmen Path - Megaliths of RussiaThis site just has to be explored. Make sure you check out the Russian pages as well. Many more pictures there ! These are the most remarkable Dolmens I have ever seen. See them for yourself !!

Megaliths in Europe -portal page A great site. Have a look.

The Ancient World Web This site has links to the most amazing sites. Well worth the visit !

Stone Pages - A guide to European megalithsLots of good things in stone here.

NM's Creative Impulse Home Site This is a great site that tries to trace the entire history of mankind in both art and history by linking you to other websites on the net dealing with these areas. Well worth the look and a site that will probably have to be "bookmarked" 

History of White Race Please do not think I agree with this page but it does make interesting reading.

CROP CIRCLES IN JUNE 2000 Interesting stuff !

The Book of Enoch Some interesting details The Bible decded to leave out.

Egyptians in New Soth Wales Austrailia Read it for yourself and see. 

Measuring Egypt An interesting site covering a lot of things.

Malta Read about it's strange temples and undersea ruins !

Mysteries of Çatalhöyük Great subject matter although I think the site could have been done better. Take a look and judge for yourself.

History of Ancient Egyptian Medicine Don't let the title fool you. A page full of links to some great sites. Well worth the look. 

Ancient Scripts of the WorldA great site. This is a dictionary of dictionaries !

CROP CIRCLE CENTRAL As good a place as any to start your study of these strange "art" forms. Or are they messages ?

The Philadelphia Experiment Invisibility and time travel. This site has it all !

THE UNKNOWN HELLENIC HISTORY Pyramids that predate those of Egypt. It is all here and more.

Unknown History - Archaeological Anomalies of North AmericaA great site that covers most of the great stories of North America's hidden secrets.

MATHEMATICS OF EGYPT Find out what the Ancient Egyptians knew and how they knew it.

Mars Debris from a lost civilization A great site. Take a walk on the wild side

Profile Frame by David Furlong ... A great site. Some real interesting stuff.

Rennes-le-Château, its mystery and key players revealed A great starting place for the study of this mystery. 

MILLENNIUMA zillion links to everything. 

Labyrinth, Sacred Journeys, Nazca, Crop Circles, Coral Castle

Genisis-GenesetCheck out these two books by David Wood. Truly spectacular reading

Mystical World Wide Web - A to Z Index Many links to everything.

Science Frontiers On Line Some great articles from the realm of the unusual.

BRUCE RAWLES FAVORITE SACRED GEOMETRY (& OTHER) LINKS More links to the fringe and beyond ( A zillion more links ) 

Mysteries of the Bible Scholarly as opposed to religious. Very interesting.

The Mars - Egypt Connection The title says it all !

The Fibonacci Numbers and the Golden section Everything you wanted to know and then some.

New World Order and Nazi Germany - Operation Paperclip Just read it !

The Allegory of the Ark Make sure you check this site thoroughly. It is very good.

Ancient Astronauts - UFOs-Aliens Net Links Again many links to check out.

Area 51 Everything you ever wanted to know about this strange site. 

Deep Secrets Check out the secrets for yourselve

AAS RA - Archaeology, Astronautics and SETI Research Association-HomePageA must see site. Please explore fully. Especially the Daily News. Links to a zillion other links.

Alternative History Directory 179 links to the "fringe". Care to try some out ?

Doug's Archaeology Site_ Skeptical views of fringe archaeology Just to keep all of the above links in perspective.


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