The Proving of A Geometric Design
on The Plateau at Gizah

*I ask'd of TIME:  "To whom arose this high
Majestic pile, here mouldering in decay?"
He answer'd not, but swifter sped his way,
With ceaseless pinions winnowing the sky.

To FAME I turn'd  "Speak thou, whose sons defy
The waste of years, and deathless works essay!"
She heaved a sigh, as one to grief a prey,
And silent, downward cast her tearful eye.

Onward I pass'd, but sad and thoughtful grown,
When, stern in aspect, o'er the ruin'd  shrine
I saw OBLIVION stalk from stone to stone.

"Dread Power!"  I cried,  "Tell me whose vast design-"
He checked my further speech, in sullen tone;
"Whose once it was, I care not;  now  'tis mine!"

* The poet Petrocchi, realizing the antiquity of the Great Pyramid penned the following lines regarding it (translation from the Italian by Charles Strong)

When logic and proportion
Have fallen sloppy dead
And the White Knight is talking backwards
And the Red Queen's "off with her head!"
Remember what the dormouse said:
"Feed your head, Feed your head, Feed your head"

The Pyramids at Giza, risng above the ancient plateau reaching upwards to the sky and perhaps waiting and watching for the return of those who had left this legacy to us mere mortals on Earth. The geometry I am about to show you, although it could have been conceived and carried out by The Ancient Egyptians, is more the stuff of the legends of The Gods and the twin pillars of "God" left to Mankind after the flood or deluge where it is said that all the wisdom of mankind was saved and incorporated into these twin pillars or towers. After the discoveries I have made on The Giza Plateau I no longer doubt the stories and hopefully after you see the evidence you will give it the thought that it most assuredly deserves. Don Barone, January 12th, 2006

This is the image I have chosen to use. It is part of The Giza Mapping Project and is, as far as I know, the most accurate and up to date image of The Giza Plateau available.Although I do not have an AutoCad program I have tried to take great care in my measurement of the angles and in drawing my lines. Some small errors may be present but I do not think they are serious enough to put the overall plan in jeopardy. Please watch as The Geometry at Giza unfolds.


Documenting The Distance

Hi all. I first worked on The Great Pyramid as you see in this diagram below and then I carried onto The Giza Plateau. What we have here at Gizah is a reflection of The Great Pyramid mirrored onto The Plateau itself. Because of this it is impossible now to think that The Giza Plateau was not conceived as one entity. Furthermore it becomes almost obvious that all the pyramids must have been built and conceived of at one time. All three pyramids and the plateau itself, all conceieved and carried out as one unit. It is the most obvious and most meaningfull explantion of "As Above ... So Below" we are ever going to find. The Great Pyramid ... The Above, rising above the plateau with all it's secrets laid our before us at it's feet. The Giza Plateau ...The Below, a perfect reflection and rendition of The Great Pyramid and somewhere out there on the plateau is the "treasure" of "The Hall of Records" ... and "we" are getting closer to it each day

What you see here so far is just the surface of how I came to make this discovery. There is much more to put down in words. I hope I am up to the task.

Best Don Barone, January 16th, 2006 @ 4:15 PM EST

Text will go here Anthony


The Geometry of The Giza Plateau

The Proving of a Geometric Design on The Giza Plateau

Image 1

Step 1:

With point SW corner of Pyramid 3 draw a vertical and horizontal line toward the top of the page and to the right. This will be the beginning of our grid pattern and please note that it passes through The Wall of The Crow which is said to be one of the oldest structures on The Giza Plateau and is thought to be an entrance way to this sacred area. Below see the most recent picture of the tunnel after clearing from The Giza Mapping Project and Mark Lenher's work.


Image 2

Step 2

With the bend in the causeway of Pyramid 1 as our point draw a [light blue] vertical line to the top and the bottom of the page. It is possible that the tunnel and bridge you see above at The Wall of The Crow could be the point where this line meets the red horizontal line. I am not sure but I think the blue line is too far East. See below for anthor picture of this entrance.


Image 3

Step 3

Using our intersection point of the light blue vertical line and the red horizontal line draw a [purple] diagonal upward and toward the left crossing through the NW corner of Pyramid 1 and onward untill it meets the red vertical line of our grid. Upon measuring this angle it would appear to equal EXACTLY 51.83 degrees. This is very nearly if not identical to the angle of The Great Pyramid.


Image 4

Step 4

Using point where our purple diagonal hits the red vertical line draw a [navy blue] horizontal line meeting our light blue vertial line. Fron this point draw another purple diagonal this time downward and to the left pasing through EXACTLY the SW corner of Pyriamd 1 and continuing downward untill we return to our starting point which was the SW corner of Pyramid 1. Please note again that the angle seems to measure to exactly 51.83 degrees and thus it would, on the surface, seem to have formed a perfect mini Great Pyramid. But I suggest we move on and deal with this just a bit later.

.Image 5

Step 5

Using as our starting point the point of intersection of center line of Pyramid 2 and the right sloping purple diagonal draw a [lime green] line vertically up and down to the edges of the image.


Image 6

Step 6

With our starting point this time the interesection of the lime green vertical line and the center line of Pyramid 1 draw a diagonal yellow line downward and to the right to hit our intersection point at The Wall of The Crow. The angle formed measures out to be almost exactly 23.5 degrees which is of course the angle of tilt of our mother planet, Earth.


Image 7

Step 7

Using the same starting point as in Step 6 draw a diagonal [red] line downward so that it just crosses the point of where the center line of Pyramid 2 meets the mortuary temple and where the causeay seems to start and continue downward to meet the red horizontal line. The angle formed appears to be 45 degrees.


Image 8

Step 8

Using the far remnants of the causeway leading from what was once called The Khafre Valley Temple and projecting it downward and to the left it would appear that the projected [blue] line hits the SW corner of Pyramid 3 exactly and seems to form the angle 36 degrees .


Image 9


Image 10


Image 11


Image 12


More to follow