The Further Adventures of The Geometry of Egypt

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Hi all. Once again after many missteps I have arrived at a new point which I think you will find interesting. I had thought I had found a new Pi point but it proved to be close, 113.92 degrees as opposed to 114.59 and the distance was out as well, 108.5 cubits as oppossed to the correct distance of 110 cubits. But for every geometric plan that does not work or proves to be in error I always feel it simply leaves us one step closer to the truth and here is my latest excursions at Giza trying to figure out the why and wherefore of the interior design of The Great Pyramid. The first thing I have done is made a negative image of Rudolf Gatenbrink's design at Giza and on measuring found it to be slightly in error and I have made the necessary correction. (his base measurements were not quite equal distance from the center point) Here is the initial plan or layout if you will. The corrected line is in red with a small line showing where the old base ended. I have also included on this first diagram a horizontal line defining 220 cubits up from the base and hence showing two squares 220 by 220 cubits.


The Control Point

To continue itis imperative that we set the control point which sets up all the geometry. This point is explained in the following diagrams.

Watch now as all seems to flow effortlessly to layout and show how simple it may have been to plot the angles of the shafts.

Further evidence that it is a designed control point:

If this is not enough there are even more neat things to consider about this control point. When one figures out the angle between base and the angle deflected up to this point it shows that it is tan of 53.41 / 220 or 0.2427727272. this yields us an angle of 13.645851765966808779220860969967 ... On the surface a meaningless figure but when we subtract this from from the interior angle of The Great Pyramid which I have set to 51.82729237298775250653169866715 we get the remaining angle to equal 38.181440607020943727310837697183 This checks to the reciprical Phi angle of 38.17270762701224749346830133285 to within 0.0087 of a degree. Actually very very interesting and strectching the co-incidence argument I think to the breaking point. In order for it all to work perfectly the distance up would need to be 53.4455 cubits this as compared to the 53.41 we get which is surprisingly EXACTLY, and I mean EXACTLY what it would need to be to fit perfectly to the distance I had suggested of 53.44 as in the diagram below.

This is getting quite intriguing indeed. Please observe the results so far ...


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