An Alternate Explantion
of Eden

Hi all.

I am sure that most of you are quite familair with the tale of Eden. Man is created by a benevolent God, Woman is created as his mate and they are destined to live forever in a place called Eden which God has created, a garden of sorts for his biological experiments. However enter a serpent who suggests that God has lied to his biological experiments and that eating of a certain tree in the garden will not surely make them die as God has warned them. According to The Bible after eating of the fruit their eyes are opened and they gain knowledge and they realize that they are naked and immediately seek to cover themselves up. However there is always a flaw in this story for if God or Jehovah is omnipotent then everything that unfolded on that day, or has unfolded since that day and everything that will unfold is and was already known to him. It is all well and good to say he has given man free will to do what he wants and to set his own destiny but the final outcome of every single situation should be known to this God since he is all poweful and hence by definiton of a God knows everyhthing. He is timeless, has always been and will always be and thus there is no future and no past for him. And now what does this omnipotent God do who surely if he was that all powerful must have know the outcome even before his creations were finished, well it banishes Man and Woman out of this Garden of Eden into the outside cold cruel world and curses them with pain and suffering and even claims that the pain at birth is a direct result of this disobedience. And do you know what ? Adults actually believe this. Honest ! (
Many sources mention 2.1 billion Christians in the world (about one third of the total population of the planet), but estimating numbers is fraught with difficulties. What is included among the definition of 'Christian' is not agreed upon by many of the groups involved. Drawing the line between 'Christian' and those who belong to 'sects' is problematic. Add to this the fact that no-one can really tell if a person is a Christian at heart, or if they are just paying lip-service to the name. This is impossible for any but God who sees the heart to judge. The numbers can be taken, then, as a best estimate of how many identify with Christianity in some way.) Could there be a better explantion ? I believe there could be.

First of all let's go right back to the beginning of the story. It is alleged this God, this Jehovah created mankind out of the dust and then breathed life into him. God creates a Man with a free mind but then refuses to allow him to know good and evil. If this is true then man could never prove his worth because he would never have to make the choice between the two. This defeats the whole purpose of The Creation. So is this the real reason that this God refused to allow The Man and Woman to eat form this tree. As in all tales in The Bible it can never be taken at face value. The truth of the matter is that by "eating" of this "Tree of Knowledge" Man FORGOT what he once knew. He forgot who he was and what his real purpose was. And the reason he was confused is that he had never been in human form before but had been in only a spiritual form. And it probably also true that "The Serpent" was actually Jehoavah in disguise duping The Man and Woman into forgetting their true destiny.

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