A Probable Design Plan for The Great Pyramid

another page from The Final Book of Revelation


Please follow a simple step by step building plan for The Great Pyramid. There are going to be many things touched on so please bring along your thinking cap and for heaven's sake leave your "box" at home.

The Missing Blueprint:

As some of you may know I have long been an advocate that The Wood Pentagram, found in the hillsides of France by David Wood has a profouncd meaning not only in France but also in Egypt and indeed for all The Earth. Proving this however is tricky business and so I plod along hoping for little insights along my path. Just lately I was rereading Geneset: The Second Book of Revelation when I chanced on this diagram below:

What it showed for some reason I had missed before and in all my mathematical playing had not noticed two simple formulae evident in a Phi pyramid. The first is that the slope distance equals (1/2 the base times Phi) while for the height it equals (1/2 base times square root of Phi) not readily apparent but the math certainly proves the two formula. It also yields of course my favourite angle and that is what I call The Phi Angle or 51.827 degrees.This I believe is what the builders started with and is what the Great Pyramid dimensions really are. The base we will give as 440 cubits, the height we will give as 279.844 cubits while the slope distance we will give as 355.9675 cubits. We will now use this image to construct a pyramid and check and see what might be revealed.

In this image below I have combined a mirror image with the original to build what I think is an accurate renditon of what was meant as the final design plan of The Great Pyramid. As a note here I think it is imperative that I mention that I have adjsuted David Wood's drawing of this as for some inexplicable reason (and as far as I know no one has caught it before) he scaled it improperly and made the contained angle and the height too large. It is simply a scaling error on his part as all his other diagrams I have checked so far showing The Wood Pentagram are correct and the mathematical formula are also correct..

And below is the dimensions as they relate to The Great Pyramid


What is interesting in these images is that two circles are drawn for us with 220 cubit diameters or 110 cubit radius. Another thing we will de before proceeding too much further is calculate the slope distance. From our formula 220 x's Phi we get 355.9675 ... What we will do is draw the horizontal line in the pyramid where this distance equals EXACTLY the slope distance as shown in the diagram below:


What we will now do is draw the diagonal for a rectangle 220 x 110 cubits and notice something very surprising. The length of this diagonal which is 245.9675 cubits is EXACTLY the distance to the left or southerly face of The King's Chamber from the north face. A most unusal observation and again I am unsure if it has been noted before. Please observe diagram below:


What we are going to do now is pretty simple. We are just going to join some dots and some points. But it is a very interesting exercise. The first thing we will do is join the top most left hand corner of the rectangle with the point where our line denoting 100.68 (The Pi Point which I will explain later) cross the center line after joining with the bottom corners of our Pyramid. This yields a 45 degree angle which is the exact slope angle of the shaft and of course it crosses the slope at a distance of 154 which just happens to be where it would exit the pyramid, but much more importantly it shows that the distance from the top of our circles to the top of the rectangle is equal to the distance from our intersecting lines to the base of the rectangle and bottom of the circles as illustrated in the diagram below this one.

I don't know about you but I find this astonishingly brilliantly neat !!!!

They are combining Pi and Phi in a marriage of geometric perfection and this will become evident as we continue on ...

Is The "Queen Pi" while "The King or Pharaoh if you will is Phi" ?

More later

Okay it's later and we have found something else that is extemely interesting. Once we realized that the distances 59.844 were equal it was only logical to draw the same circle but this time from the top of the temple down and then join the point where the the circle crosses this time the top line and see what this would yield. As illustrated in the diagram below we see that it perfectly gives us the position of the the second Kings Shaft as it crosses at the 154 cubit height point and hits exactly the intersection of the vertical centerline of our pyramid and our 100.68 or Pi line. Remarkable to be sure.

Okay for now all that's left to do is find the reason or rhyme for The Queen's Chamber shaft's slope and here it is. We simply draw two lines from where the 220 square or the top right tangent line meets the vertical line and draw diagonal lines to intersect with the place where our blue 355.9675 line meets our 220 diameter circles and voila it is finished, complete and very much perfect. Observe:

And in a fianl blaze of geomtric perfection we simply extend our shaft lines to the right and we observe geomtric perfection. a perfect plan incorporating both Pi and Phi. Observe as we extend the shaft line sup ward and amrvel as they intersect at a line EXACTLY level with the apex of our pyrmaid. Marvellous to behold but there is even more. The distance is in the perfect Phi porportion to the centre line of The King's Chamber itself. ... Observe and marvel.

More to come ...