A Geometric Solution
to the Design of
The Ankh
  by Don Barone  
  copyright December, 1998  


.....A key. This is what some propose is the true meaning and symbolism of this ancient Egyptian symbol, The Ankh. Others. in the conservative camp suggest that it's origins lie in the way and style of how the Ancient Egyptians wore their sandal straps. ( They have to be kidding ... right ? ) The Ancient Egyptian's most sacred symbol derived from sandal straps ? I find this difficult to believe ! Those that propose that it is a key of some sort always manage to fail to tell us what it might be the key to. What does it unlock ? Perhaps I can help. Regardless of where these people think that the Ancient Egyptians got this symbol from and how it was derived and designed, nearly all concede that it means or represents life.

.....I feel I have stumbled onto how it might have originated and in my own way can relate it to "Life". This solution was arrived at after many hours of trying to solve the age old problem of "squaring the circle" using just the three basic tools of classical geometry; the compass, a straightedge and a marker. The true beauty in this solution of mine is, I feel, that the exact configuration can not be drawn. The best we can achieve is an approximation. However, and this is extremely important and masks the true beauty of the solution, it can be achieved in one place and only one place. A place that has not really changed in untold millennia. A place where all things are possible and where one is not burdened by the material. The place ? ... The Mind of Man !

.....To understand how I arrived at my starting point please click here. After arriving at the set up illustrated below I began to experiment, but found I wasn't getting anywhere other than my solution to The Nasca Design. Nice but my theory was that the Ancient Egyptians not only knew Pi and Phi, but could square the circle as well.

The original configuration: The Three Circles of Life or of Creation

.....How was I going to prove that ? Then I had what I feel was a profound insight. For years, many great minds had tried to "square the circle", always in vain I might add. What if, I reasoned, I switched attacks and instead of trying to square the circle, I instead tried to CIRCLE THE SQUARE ! Would it yield the same results ? Many thoughts raced through my mind. One such thought was the old Mason saying which went " He is on the square" or many references to "being on the square". I was exhilarated ! Where would it lead ? Would it yield the same results ? What follows is the direct result of this one single thought. CIRCLE THE SQUARE ! ...Brilliantly simple ! But cloaked, I felt, very effectively and cleverly by steering people away from this thought ( circling the square ) toward and always back to the unsolvable and meaningless problem of squaring the circle. Brilliantly simple yet Brilliantly clever as well !!!

.....But which circle should be squared I asked myself ? It then occured to me to ................... To be continued !

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