In the Beginning ... Was a new beginning
"In the beginning was "The Word" and the word was a god" This is how The Bible starts and I have often wondered what this "word" was of which it speaks. I think perhaps I now know. For what are words but merely thoughts put to paper. So we actually could read it this way: "In the beginning was thought and thinking was a god". Once one appraoches it from this avenue many new doors of reason are opened up. I will show you some of the ones I have opened and then feel free to go out and open your own.

If one looks at it his way there can be no past for the beginning itself is the ability to think. And the only future that can be is the one we set for ourselves and none of us wish to die so following this concept the thought can never die and therefore the future is truly infinite. For we have set an infinte number of possible futures which are all interconnected to the now and our present frame of mind. With this in mind let us explore the world we, and I mean every single one of us on Earth, have created for ourselves.

To do this we must start in the past for it seems to exist but does it really ? What proof do we have that it exists ? Only artifacts and ruins and shrards of some distance dim time that none of us can really prove really existed. We only assume it exists because of what we perceive as evidence but could not one of us or all of us have planted this evidence ? Or perhaps something else has planted this evidence. How can we really be sure ? It is my contention that we have all been brought to this singular point in time to finally reach out on the next step of our evolutionary process and explore the heavens that either we ourselves have created or the cosmic concience has created for us to explore. But since we are all part of the cosmic conscience are we all not in fact the cosmic conscience and therfore all of us every single thing on the planet and in the heavens are controlling this. Are we not all put together this God we have all searched for ? Think about it for now. I am back and will keep coming back. If we all are part of this then let's analyze what has gone wrong. We all believe in a "Golden Time" when life was good and peaceful and wonderful or at least we long for this concept. Why do we not enjoy it ? Why don't you tell me ?

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